Freeze Tag Launches Team Events With Eventzee

Freeze Tag Launches Team Events With Eventzee

We’re excited to announce we have officially launched a state of the art team event option for the Eventzee application! While in the past, event participants could potentially work as a team under a single Eventzee account, this worked better for in-person events. The extended functionality comes as a highly requested feature from clients, particularly those hosting team-building or ice breaker-style events.

“With virtual events, coordinating with team members in different locations and maybe even different time zones is already difficult,” said Craig Holland, CEO of Freeze Tag. “With the Eventzee Teams version, team members can be in different locations and still contribute to their overall team’s score.” 

The main difference between Eventzee team events and regular events is that team events have extra Team Scoring options for event hosts to specify their requirements. Unlike some other scavenger hunt apps, each team member’s score can affect the overall team score in Eventzee team events, if the host chooses. Event hosts have the flexibility to require all team members to complete a challenge, just one team member, or any number in between. In addition, depending on the member requirement they chose, event hosts can specify whether they want only the top N or bottom N scores to count, or to have all the scores added together.

Utilizing Eventzee’s Team functions and white label program, Barnes Harley Davidson launched the exclusive Squad Wars: Coast To Coast app. This exciting, multiplayer, motorcycle riding experience has riders driving to landmarks and businesses throughout North America.

Event hosts also have the option to create teams and assign participants to them, or to leave it up to their participants to form their own teams. For the latter option, a minimum and maximum number of members can be specified so that teams must be within that range before they can start to work on the challenges. Regardless of which team-forming option event hosts choose, they always have the ability to create their own teams and move participants to different teams, if conflicts arise.

In events where participants are allowed to create their own teams, the team captains are given a Team Manager role which allows them full control over their members — they can invite, cancel invites, accept or reject join requests, promote to the Team Manager role, and remove. In addition, the Team area in the Social tab only displays messages from other team members, unlike regular events where the Chat is open to all participants. This private team chat allows team members to use the Eventzee app to plan, strategize, and coordinate their efforts. 

If you’re interested in hosting an Eventzee scavenger hunt visit our website and contact our team to set up the best package for you. You can also email us at or call us at 714-210-3850 x15. Eventzee is ideal for trade shows, conferences and orientations. Businesses can use the app to drive traffic to specific locations, promote vendors or products and increase social interactions, while observing appropriate social distances. Some clients use Eventzee to hold contests and give away prizes to their most engaged customers. There are many ways Eventzee can help you achieve your business goals. For more information visit


Welcome the NEW Eventzee App!

Welcome the NEW Eventzee App!

We’re excited to announce that a new version of the Eventzee app will be available for download! The latest version of Eventzee has been totally reworked to offer virtual events and scavenger hunts for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a team building exercise, new ways to engage with your customers, or a fun family activity, the NEW Eventzee app provides the most features of any scavenger hunt app available.    

Eventzee, the state of the art virtual event and scavenger hunt app, is now available on iOS and Android devices. Those interested in utilizing Eventzee’s services can learn more at eventzeeapp,com.

We’re excited to release the new Eventzee, complete with a collection of brand new features, so allow us to break down some of our favorite aspects of the new app!

Fresh Facelift

One of the most noticeable changes is the release of the new Eventzee logo! The mission of the new app is to offer a tool for people working together to solve challenges, and interacting with one another via virtual events and scavenger hunts. Our new logo appropriately showcases the power a group of diverse people have when they work together to locate, and complete challenges in a real world setting.

Home Base

Each Eventzee event will now feature three distinct sections within the dashboard. 

Event- What would be considered “Home,” this section includes the event description and details, allows you to see your stats particular to that event, and there’s even a spot to upload a profile picture!

Challenges- This section will show you a list of all challenges. The different challenge types are defined by their corresponding icon. When you click on a challenge you’ll then be able to see the challenges’ expanded description, any accompanying photos, and here you’ll also complete the challenge depending on the type. 

Social- Here’s where you can interact with other players in your event! There are three features within the Social section.

  • Feed- Here players can see one another’s approved photos and videos and “like” them to cheer each other on. 
  • Chat- Using this feature players can chat amongst themselves, strategize and work together
  • Leaderboard- See how you stack up against other players! Can you go for gold? 

Challenging Choices

The NEW Eventzee app offers 7 different Challenge types!

  • Photo– An Eventzee classic! Photo challenges encourage interaction and drive creativity.  
  • Video- Take your challenge to the next level with 30 second video submissions.
  • Quiz- Challenge your players’ minds with multiple choice questions. 
  • GPS- Prove that X marks the spot by checking in to specific GPS locations. 
  • QR Code- Locate and find hidden QR codes. 
  • Text- Gather information from your players via fill-in-the-blank questions, and approve the submissions in real time. 
  • Information- Share important information regarding challenges, locations, and more with informational tips. 

Any mix of challenges can also be combined together in a Grouped Challenge to require players to complete a number of challenges at a time in order to earn the points. This is specifically helpful if you want a variety of challenges to be completed at one location. For example, guide players to a specific location with a GPS challenge, have them answer a Quiz question based on Information in that area, and take a Photo while you’re there for good measure! 

Challenges can also host informational photos within the description as well for an alternative clue to what the challenge requires. For example, use an example photo to show players a specific statue or landmark they’re looking for. This section is also a great spot for showing branded images to showcase your organization’s logos, marketing materials, and more.

Admin Extraordinaire 

Now running your event is easier than ever! Admins of events can approve photo, video, and text submissions within the app itself. You’ll still use the web admin tool to set up your hunt, create your challenges, and more, but the new app makes approving on the day of your event much simpler. 

If you’re an admin you can access this section via the hamburger menu. From there a new menu will appear where you can review submissions, message players, download user media, post announcements and more. 

A BRAND New Opportunity

Another exciting aspect of the new Eventzee app is the ability for clients to host their own white-label version of the Eventzee app. This totally unique app branded to your specifications uses the Eventzee technology, but operates as a separate build hosted by the client. Although development costs depend on the scope of the project, this high-end option is perfect for brands that want to make an impact in a partnership with Eventzee.

Our company has already kicked off its first white label project with the release of the Barnes Nation app this Spring! Hosted by Barnes Harley-Davidson in BC, Canada, Barnes Nation is a lifestyle app designed to get motorcycle riders out exploring the open roads and meeting new friends.


The NEW Eventzee app is an entirely new build, so you will not update your current version of the Eventzee app. Instead you will need to search for the new version in your phone’s app store. 

Over the next few weeks we’ll be transitioning a number of aspects to the new system. We will keep the previous version of the Eventzee app running for some time, but we do plan to shut down that version in the near future. You can read more about how it relates to Munzee Events on the Munzee blog. Although the older version of the app will be available to use, it will be removed from the app store later this week and not be available for future installs. 

We’re also working on a new pricing platform, but ultimately want to work with clients to best suit their needs. If you’re interested in hosting your own Eventzee virtual events and scavenger hunts please fill out the contact form on our website and we’ll start working with you today! Thank you all for your support over the years- we’re excited to bring you a streamlined app with new challenges and other new features!

Scavenger Hunt Day Celebration!

Scavenger Hunt Day Celebration!

We’re back!!!

For one weekend at least! We’re excited to announce that we are hosting a FREE photo scavenger hunt in celebration of National Scavenger Hunt Day and all location-based games! While the Freeze Tag team hangs with players at GeoWoodstock, the rest of the world can join in the fun no matter where you are. Just download the Eventzee app, enter the text join code below, and start submitting photos based on the clues!

To join the hunt just use the code “COEXIST2019” after you login.

15 clues go live Friday at 3 PM CST until the hunt ends on Monday at 3 PM CST. Your photo will be either approved or rejected by our admin staff. Be sure to check the cumulative leaderboard so you can see how well you’re doing and remember that tiebreakers are based on the amount of time it takes you to finish all the clues!

You’ll also be able to earn the CoExist Conspirators badge by having one photo approved! With so many great location-based games available, it’s important we CoExist and support all of our gaming communities!

CoExist Conspirator- Have one photo approved in the Scavenger Hunt Day 2019 Eventzee photo hunt.

The more photos you submit, the more badges you’ll earn for a variety of achievements. To see the Eventzee Badge List CLICK HERE. To see if your photos have been added to the gallery visit Let the hunt begin!

Clue List:

  • Buried Treasure – You’ve struck gold! Creatively represent uncovering buried treasure!
  • Cold Hard Cache – This weekend is all about CoExisting! Take a photo of a cache somewhere in the wild!
  • Does This Count? – Although we tend to think otherwise, not all QR codes are munzees! They should be, but that’s beside the point… Take a photo of a QR code on some sort of product or packaging!
  • Expert Explorer – Creatively showcase what you’d bring in your your adventure pack for a long journey!
  • Far As The Eye Can See – It’ll do you no good to be short sighted on this adventure. Take a photo of a telescope!
  • Gotta Catch ‘Em All! – Share a screenshot of a wild pocket monster using that location-based game’s AR feature!
  • Guide The Way – Even those who wander could use a little guidance from time to time! Take a photo of a real life compass! No screenshots or compass roses will count!
  • I Dig It – How are you supposed to dig for buried treasure without a shovel? Take a photo getting down and dirty with a shovel.
  • I Hate Mondays – Garfield the cat is a bit lazy, so you need to help get him up and moving! Share a screenshot opening an AR treasure chest in Garfield GO!
  • Journaled Journey – Better do some research before your big adventure! Take a photo at a public library!
  • Right Under Your Nose – Sometimes you have to pay attention to even the smallest detail! Take a photo of a magnifying glass!
  • What’s The Buzz? – Benson may be a world traveller, but Texas is one of his favorite stops! Share a screenshot foraging at a unique location in WallaBee!
  • X Marks The Spot – Get creative and design your very own treasure map! Don’t forget to mark where the buried treasure lies!
  • YOU ARE HERE! – You’ve got your handy treasure map, but you still need to compare it to an up to date version! Take a photo of a publicly displayed map of some sort. No screenshots!
  • ZEEcret Hiding Place – Munzee is a hidden world right beneath your nose! Take a photo of a uniquely hid physical munzee sticker!
Scavenger Hunt Day Celebration!

Weekend Warriors Week 200, Bicentennial & Beyond

Another Weekend Warriors free photo scavenger hunt has started! You’ll find the usual details below, along with the clue list, but unfortunately we have to start our bicentennial celebration on a bit of a somber note. Our 200th Weekend Warrior free photo scavenger hunt, which also leads into our 4th birthday next week, will be our last one.

Now let us start off by saying that this is in no way the end of Eventzee, but it is the end of our weekly photo scavenger hunt series. Although we have had tons of fun seeing all of the crazy photos from hundreds of players each week, new opportunities within our staff have made us take a look at the current system. The free photo hunts started off as a way for us to market our different event packages, and along the way turned into a game all itself.

Running worldwide games takes time, focus and effort that could be better spent in different areas. Although this may seem like an unfortunate time, the decision to end these hunts is based on an opportunity for the Eventzee staff in other parts of the Freeze Tag family. Although we will miss it, it is in the best interests of our team to focus our skills elsewhere.

We simply cannot say enough how happy the past four years have made us! Our players have shown such excitement and creativity every weekend. You have all pushed our team to be more creative each week and surprised us at every corner. Heck, Dylan was even crazy enough to get the Eventzee approval buttons tattooed on his arm! We thank you all for 200+ weekends of photo fun and we hope you understand that the time has come to move forward.

As stated before, this is not the end of Eventzee. We still hope you always add an Eventzee hunt to your Munzee Events package. We hope you think of us for your next team-building or corporate event activity. The badges you have earned each week will still be available to pursue from these means. Don’t be surprised if we feel like throwing a random holiday scavenger hunt every now and then too! We even have some ideas we hope to further flesh out to offer you all even more opportunities to play, no matter where you are in the world. As a great man once said, it may not be in the next 1,000 hours, but stay tuned for more…

As for this weekend, we of course want to go out with a bang! The final Weekend Warriors free photo scavenger hunt will include 20 clues and last until next Thursday (1/31/2019) at 3 PM CST. You can also earn the awesome Bicentennial Badge (pictured above) just for having one photo approved throughout the week. As we’re feeling a little nostalgic we’ll probably be very trigger happy when adding photos to the gallery. You can find the clues below, along with the usual rules.

20 clues will be live until the hunt ends on Thursday 1/31 at 3 PM CST. Your photo will be either approved or rejected by our admin staff. Be sure to check the cumulative leaderboard so you can see how well you’re doing and remember that tiebreakers are based on the amount of time it takes you to finish all the clues!

The more photos you submit, the more badges you’ll earn for a variety of achievements. To see the Eventzee Badge List CLICK HERE. To see if your photos have been added to the gallery visit Let the hunt begin!

To join the hunt just use the code “WW200” after you login.

  • #ThrowbackThursday – Upload the very first picture you submitted to Eventzee.
  • Bicentennial – Take a picture of a sign or display with the number 200 in it.
  • Birthday Blues – Take a selfie wearing your best blue outfit you’d wear to an Eventzee birthday party!
  • Camera Collection – Take a picture of a camera display in a store.
  • Clue #1 – Tower of Books: Arrange a stack of books from top to bottom with words in the title to say “I love this photo scavenger hunt”.
  • Clue #2 – Black and White: Find a black automobile parked next to a white automobile
  • Clue #3 – Water Bottle Bowling: Setup 10 bottles of water as if they were bowling pins (in correct shape)
  • Clue #4 – Fly your Flag: 3 or more flags on flagpoles next to each other
  • Clue #5 – Fish Eyes: Clear picture of more than 10 fish with #eventzee included in the picture
  • Encircling Encore – Creatively represent giving a “round of applause”
  • Fan Favorite – Share your favorite past Eventzee clue with us. Recreate the picture you took and be sure to include the name of the clue in the photo!
  • Fork in the Road – Take a picture of a fork in the road.
  • Have Your Cake And Eat It Too! – Create a birthday treat special for Eventzee, don’t forget the candles!
  • Inception – Snap a picture, of someone else snapping a picture!
  • It’s All About Perspective – Take a picture where you seem small compared to something that is usually tiny.
  • Logo Logistics – Recreate the Eventzee logo using random household items. Be creative, so no paint, drawings, printouts etc.
  • Modern Art – Take a picture of something you would consider modern and artistic.
  • Richie Rich – What’s something extravagant you’d buy if you were a millionaire.
  • SURPRISE! – If you were to throw a surprise party, where would you hide?
  • Zee Ya Later! – It’s been a great couple years hosting this free weekend hunt, wish us farewell by writing “goodbye” in another language.

Once more, we thank you all for your understanding and even more so for four years of fun. Getting to work scavenger hunts for a living is beyond anything we could have ever hoped for and that is because of every one of you! So get out there and submit some photos!

Scavenger Hunt Day Celebration!

Weekend Warriors: Week 199 Public Hunt Clues

Another Weekend Warriors free photo scavenger hunt has started! 15 clues will be live until the hunt ends on Sunday at 3 PM CST. Your photo will be either approved or rejected by our admin staff. Be sure to check the cumulative leaderboard so you can see how well you’re doing and remember that tiebreakers are based on the amount of time it takes your to finish all the clues!

The more photos you submit, the more badges you’ll earn for a variety of achievements. To see the Eventzee Badge List CLICK HERE. To see if your photos have been added to the gallery visit Let the hunt begin!

To join the hunt just use the code “WW199” after you login.

  • Burst Your Bubble – Creatively represent blowing bubbles WITHOUT actually using bubbles.
  • Captures Challenge – Week 31 – TLC told you not to go chasing waterfalls, but snap a picture admiring some water.
  • Chubby Little Cubby – Creatively represent a character from the Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh and his friends.
  • Colorful Claws – Take a picture at a nail salon.
  • Hiking Helpers – You’re off to go hike a trail! What’s something you’ll need along the journey?
  • Labeled – Take a picture of something that is 100% cotton.
  • Mr. Fix It – Take a pic with screwdriver, hammer or non-electric tool.
  • National Hugging Day – Take a picture giving someone a big embrace.
  • Patio, Please – Take a picture at a restaurant that has outdoor seating.
  • Popped Corn – Take a picture of a uniquely flavored popcorn. Be sure to include what kind of popcorn it is.
  • Secret Agent Man – This is your mission, should you choose to accept it… Show us a few of your spy gadgets that look like normal household objects but have special abilities.
  • Seeing Double – Find someone wearing the same colored shirt as you.
  • U. F. O. – Creatively represent flying in a spaceship.
  • Wherefore Art Thou – Take a picture of someone standing on a balcony.
  • Would You Rather… – Switch lives with any person or have the ability to communicate with animals? Creatively represent your choice!