Employee Engagement Events with the Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App

Employee Engagement Events with the Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App

In today’s hybrid corporate world, employee engagement is more crucial than ever, and companies are constantly seeking innovative ways to keep their workforce motivated, connected, and healthy. Enter the Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App. With customization options to fit your brand and voice, these hunts are designed not only to break employees out of the boring daily grind but also to foster a sense of community and well-being among employees.


Why Scavenger Hunts?

Scavenger hunts are more than just fun and games; they are powerful tools for engagement. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Increases Teamwork: Scavenger hunts could require employees to work together to solve and complete tasks, fostering collaboration and team spirit.
  • Enhances Remote Worker Engagement: Eventzee’s leaderboard and social features encourage engagement for employees all over the world to interact with each other in a fun way!
  • Boosts Morale: Participating in fun, non-work-related activities can significantly boost employee morale and job satisfaction.
  • Promotes Physical Activity: Many scavenger hunts involve physical tasks, encouraging employees to get moving and stay active.

Using the Eventzee app, businesses can create themed scavenger hunts tailored to specific goals. Here are a couple of examples:


Going Green

An eco-friendly scavenger hunt is a fantastic way to celebrate Earth Day (or any day) and promote sustainability within the company. 

Tasks might include:

  • Recycling Relay: Employees can take and submit pictures of themselves recycling different materials.
  • Eco-Tips Sharing: Participants share their best eco-friendly practices.
  • Nature Walk: Encourage employees to take a walk and snap photos of local wildlife or plant life!

Swipeclock, a Utah-based software company with both remote and hybrid employees recently utilized the Eventzee scavenger hunt app for their “Earth Hunt Month” employee event. Their event featured innovative tasks that encouraged employees to “Go Green” with challenges like “Grow Your Own Food”, instructing players to plant a veggie garden, “Another Person’s Treasure”, having players donate unwanted household items, and “Stall Out”, prompting players to have a car-free day! 

Two people stand tending to a garden that they grew for an event that was taking place using the Eventzee scavenger hunt app


Wellness and Self-care 

Promoting wellness is essential for maintaining a healthy and productive workforce, especially for remote employees! 

A wellness scavenger hunt can include:

  • Mindfulness Moments: Participants can share their favorite relaxation techniques or places where they practice mindfulness.
  • Fitness Fun: Encourage physical activity by having employees log their daily workouts or tell the team what their favorite fitness classes are!
  • Healthy Eating: Snapshots of nutritious meals or snacks can be shared for inspiration.
  • Get Physical: Bonus points for employees who see their doctor for their yearly checkup!

In 2024, the Girl Scouts of Nebraska utilized the Eventzee scavenger hunt app platform to host their wellness event focused on mental health, titled “Mindfulness. Resiliency. Wellness. 2024”. This event had a variety of challenges focused on building skills to develop confidence and leadership capabilities! The girls who participated completed challenges like “Create a Meditative Space”, prompting them to take a photo of a comfy and safe space in their home, various journaling prompts, guided breathing practices, and information on how to deal with stress and other self care topics. 

three screenshots are in this image showing examples of challenges that are in the eventzee scavenger hunt app for a girl scout wellness event


Whether getting your team to go green, or promoting wellness with health-focused challenges, hosting a scavenger hunt through the Eventzee scavenger hunt platform offers a fun and effective way to engage your employees. By leveraging the versatility of the Eventzee platform where employees can join from anywhere, businesses can create memorable and impactful experiences that make their employees have fun and get engaged!

If you’re interested in learning more about hosting an Eventzee scavenger hunt, email us at sales@eventzeeapp.com or call us at 714-210-3850 x15.

Boosting Booth Traffic: How Doomlings Leveraged Eventzee at Gen Con!

Boosting Booth Traffic: How Doomlings Leveraged Eventzee at Gen Con!

We’re happy to report that Gen Con 2023 was a whirlwind of excitement and innovation for tabletop gaming enthusiasts! Amidst the bustling crowds and array of games, Doomlings, the exciting card game that brings quirky creatures to life, stood out from the crowd! How, you might be asking? By teaming up with the Eventzee App! This collaboration between Doomlings and Eventzee massively elevated the experience for attendees which led to a substantial increase in booth traffic for Doomlings.

Doomlings has always been about delivering an immersive and interactive gaming experience, and teaming up with Eventzee proved to be the perfect partnership to achieve this goal! The combination of Doomlings’ whimsical world and Eventzee’s cutting-edge scavenger hunt platform was the perfect fit to enable Doomlings to shine at Gen Con, and to draw in thousands of attendees to their booth.

Doomlings leveraged Eventzee’s capabilities to create a series of engaging challenges and activities that seamlessly integrated with their booth setup. Attendees were invited to embark on a journey through the Doomlings universe by exploring the convention area, hunting for over-sized character cards with QR codes. Players scanned the QR cards to qualify for prizes, such as taking a free spin at a giant pinwheel located at the Doomlings booth. This gamified approach transformed booth traffic into an exciting quest, encouraging attendees to fully explore the Doomlings experience!

The challenges and activities weren’t just fun diversions; they were carefully crafted to offer attendees an interactive learning experience. As participants tackled the challenges, they gained a deeper understanding of Doomlings’ gameplay mechanics, lore, and intricacies. This interactive learning approach not only made booth traffic more meaningful but also ensured that attendees left with a profound connection to the game.

“Doomlings’ use of the Eventzee App at Gen Con 2023 was a total game-changer,” said Chief Operations Officer Eric McCoy. “By transforming booth traffic into an immersive quest, we not only showcased the unique charm of our game, but also set a new standard for engaging with our fans at future conventions.”

This collaboration serves as a shining example of how Eventzee can elevate the convention experience and create lasting connections between gamers and the worlds they love!

Uniting Professionals: Successful Knowledge Hunt Event with Eventzee

Uniting Professionals: Successful Knowledge Hunt Event with Eventzee

In today’s dynamic professional landscape, fostering connections and inspiring young professionals are essential for the growth and development of industries. William Wagner of People Working Better Together, with the sponsorship of the Project Management Institute Florida Suncoast Chapter and ASQ St. Petersburg-Tampa Section 1508 as well as the involvement of the Bay Area Young Professionals and Clearwater Young Professionals recognized this need and took a creative approach to bring professionals together. With their June 2023 Knowledge Hunt Event, the group utilized the versatile Eventzee scavenger hunt app to facilitate a cross-pollination of ideas and potential career opportunities. The Eventzee app and team were able to provide a seamless experience, allowing the organizers to unleash their creativity and deliver an unforgettable event.

The main objective of the Knowledge Hunt Event was to create an environment where professional association members, guests, and chamber of commerce members could interact and explore potential career opportunities. By specifically targeting young professionals, the event aimed to inspire and engage the next generation in diverse fields.

When selecting a platform for their event, the organizers wanted a solution that offered flexibility and encouraged creativity without compromising on the overall event experience. 

Create Your Best Angel Impression: Find the angel wings mural and use those wings to create the best “angel” impression.

William Wagner of People Working Better Together says that:

I am a big proponent of helping people learn and compete. This app provides that ability. The locations we went into when using this app were extremely happy as well as we brought about 50 people into these locations when they had maybe 5 before we showed up. I think our people also liked going to these places as they were not as familiar with the places and got to experience them.

That’s where Eventzee came into the picture! With our user-friendly interface and customizable features, Eventzee proved to be the ideal choice.

Setting up the event with Eventzee was a breeze for the organizers. They appreciated the simplicity and efficiency of the platform, allowing them to focus on the event’s content and goals. The intuitive configuration options ensured that the event was tailored to their specific requirements, providing a seamless experience for participants.

Eventzee’s customization abilities nurture creativity and gave the organizers the freedom to design custom challenges and tasks that showcased various professions, encouraging participants to think outside the box. By integrating gamification elements, Eventzee transformed the event into an exciting and interactive experience that captured the attention of young professionals.

Napkin Folding: Participants were challenged to try their hand at creating shapes out of napkins!

The Eventzee scavenger hunt app’s flexibility proved to be a game-changer for the organizers. They had complete control over the event’s flow and structure, adapting it to meet the evolving needs of the participants. Whether it was adding new challenges on the go or modifying the event timeline, Eventzee offered the necessary flexibility to create a dynamic and engaging experience.

William Wagner and the groups involved couldn’t contain their excitement about the outcome of their Knowledge Hunt Event. The Eventzee app proved to be a valuable asset, facilitating meaningful interactions and fostering connections among professionals. The event successfully achieved its objective of inspiring young professionals to explore various career paths, creating a positive ripple effect within the professions.

The Knowledge Hunt Event stands as a shining example of how Eventzee can bring professionals together, ignite creativity, and drive meaningful engagement. By selecting Eventzee, the organizers leveraged its user-friendly setup, creative flexibility, and immersive experience to inspire young professionals and promote cross-pollination among industries. The success of this event underscores the power of technology in creating impactful networking opportunities and shaping the careers of tomorrow.

Beaver Creek uses Scavenger Hunt App for Ski Challenge – Eventzee

This past February, Beaver Creek Resort Company utilized Freeze Tag’s Eventzee scavenger hunt app for the 2023 Talons Challenge, a skiing event encompassing  the toughest runs throughout the resort. Beaver Creek Resort Company is a Colorado government based  organization, designed to support the tourism and management of the Beaver Creek village. 

Using the Eventzee scavenger hunt app, skiers who paid to participate in Talons Challenge were faced with the demanding task of completing all 14 of the toughest black and double black diamonds runs throughout Beaver Creek Resort, adding up to over 26,000 feet of vertical trail.

Within the app, skiers were  tasked with scanning QR codes located on each of the runs throughout the resort to track their progress. Participants in the challenge choose to complete the event all into one tough day of fun, or participate in the daunting “Master of the Mountain” to complete the Talons Challenge twice over the course of the weekend. 

“We were  so excited to be partnering with Beaver Creek for this year’s Talons Challenge,” said Craig Holland, CEO of Freeze Tag. “The Eventzee scavenger hunt app is perfect for this event’s unique terrain and our QR code scanning feature surely helped players track their progress as they tackled these demanding runs.”

Finishers of all 14 black and double black diamond runs were  awarded with a prize and a finisher patch, in addition to a sense of accomplishment and “bragging rights”. Finishers of the “Master of the Mountain” received a trophy, and additional premium SWAG.  

For more information about Talons challenge, visit the Beaver Creek Talons Challenge Eventbrite page.

If you’re interested in learning more about hosting an Eventzee scavenger hunt, visit our website and contact our team to set up the best package for you. You can also email us at sales@eventzeeapp.com or call us at 714-210-3850 x15.

Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App Partners with Concord Adex for Public Art Program

Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App Partners with Concord Adex for Public Art Program

image featuring woman looking at small information board about artwalk at concord park place with event using eventzee scavenger hunt app

TUSTIN, CA, October 19, 2022 – Freeze Tag (OTC: FRZT), a leading creator of location-based mobile social games, is proud to announce partnership with Concord Adex, Canada’s largest privately funded public art program featuring Indigenous, Canadian, and emerging artists from around the world. Utilizing Freeze Tag’s Eventzee scavenger hunt app, the ArtWalk is officially the largest critical mass of public art in Ontario. 

The ArtWalk at Concord Park Place is located at Ethennonnhawahstihnen Park in North York, Ontario, and features over 20 works commissioned by Concord Park Place. The ArtWalk was curated by Public Art Consultant Karen Mills, and will run through winter.

Using the Eventzee scavenger hunt app, visitors to Concord Park Place can access the Artwalk at a different and deeper level. The free-to-play event features multiple challenges for an immersive experience throughout the art installations. 

“Concord Adex’s idea for an immersive art experience was great and we’re proud to be part of it,” said Craig Holland, CEO of Freeze Tag. “People have become so accustomed to using their mobile devices and now the ArtWalk allows them to engage with the art pieces in new and unique ways.”

The Artwalk contains more than 20 commissions from local artists, which can be found through the Eventzee app’s map feature. With scannable QR codes at each location, participants can check in and learn more about each installation, the artist, and other associated works from each creator. Players who check in to every piece of art will be entered to win various prizes that update every month. 

“Using tech as a medium, youth will appreciate and engage in is key in encouraging interaction. We hope this progressive and condensed presentation will inspire many and we plan to develop the app further,” said Terry Hui, President and CEO Concord Pacific Group. “Our mentorship program also funds up-and-coming artists to create art that future generations will appreciate.”

Concord Adex’s Artwalk aims to engage local youth to appreciate and understand the beauty that comes from artists of all backgrounds, with hopes to encourage some to become future artists. Artwalk is an ongoing event with more attractions added every month, including new events and art installations.

For more information and to begin the Artwalk at Concord Park Place experience, download Eventzee from the App Store or Google Play Store and use code CONCORD to begin.

If you’re interested in learning more about hosting an Eventzee scavenger hunt, visit our website and contact our team to set up the best package for you. You can also email us at sales@eventzeeapp.com or call us at 714-210-3850 x15.

About Concord Adex and Concord Pacific

Concord has been building Canada’s largest lifestyle-forward urban communities for over 30 years.

Under the leadership of President and CEO, Terry Hui, Concord Pacific Place in Vancouver and Concord CityPlace in Toronto are the country’s two largest urban master-plans and are mostly complete. Over the past decade Concord expanded with master-plans in North York (Concord Park Place) and five master-plans of scale in western Canada. Concord also expanded to Seattle’s tech hub in the United States and London, UK including Marylebone and the completion of Principal Tower in the Principal Place neighbourhood, home to Amazon UK. These communities are renowned for their vibrant urban planning and have been emulated globally. The award-winning developer is Canada’s most substantial contributor of urban city parks and privately funded public art. In addition to their industry leading forward practices, including Concord BioSpace and EV Parking infrastructure and design, the company’s Green Energy arm generates twice the amount of energy needed to power all the homes they have built. Visit concordpacific.com for more information.

Concord ArtSpace / ArtWalk

Concord developed their public art program to make art accessible to all and to inspire local youth to appreciate art and become future artists. Concord Pacific’s public art plan for Concord Pacific Place, developed 30 years ago, is the model now referenced in all major cities across the country. Concord’s public art program has resulted in more than 60 permanent commissions of scale. Their mentorship program was created to assist new local and indigenous artists in pitching and communicating their art and culture to a public audience.

About Freeze Tag, Inc. and Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App

Freeze Tag, Inc. is a leading creator of mobile location-based games for consumers and businesses.  Our portfolio includes hits such as Munzee, a social platform with more than 12 million locations worldwide and hundreds of thousands of players that blends gamification and geolocation into an experience that rewards players for going places in the physical world, WallaBee, an addictive collecting game with over 2,400 beautifully drawn digital cards, Painted Rocks App, a new and innovative way to track, share, and find painted and kindness rocks through an interactive map, as well as many social mobile games that provide endless hours of family-friendly fun. We also offer the Eventzee platform, a fully customizable gaming solution that allows organizations and businesses to create branded virtual, physical and hybrid scavenger hunts for their customers and constituents.  For more information about Freeze Tag, go to: https://www.freezetag.com

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve substantial uncertainties and risks. These forward-looking statements are based upon our current expectations, estimates and projections and reflect our beliefs and assumptions based upon information available to us at the date of this release. We caution readers that forward-looking statements are predictions based on our current expectations about future events. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and are subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions that are difficult to predict. Our actual results, performance or achievements could differ materially from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements as a result of a number of factors, including but not limited to, our ability to market our games, and our ability to implement new changes and release them. We undertake no obligation to revise or update any forward-looking statement for any reason.



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Creating the Ultimate Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App Experience

Creating the Ultimate Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App Experience

At Eventzee, we’re always working to make sure your event is exactly what you need, no matter what niche, market, or type of event you’re planning. We’re proud to offer three different types of Eventzee platforms to meet your needs!

Single Scavenger Hunt App Event

At the most basic level, a single event is perfect for any one-off occasion. If your city is having a special festival, your charity or school is having a fundraiser, or you’re just looking for a fun way to spruce up your next event, a single event option could be perfect for you. 

Single events from Eventzee are easy-to-build, include custom branding options, and unlimited challenges within the event. These events are priced with a per-person licensing model, with very affordable options for both big and small events.

three different phones show images of people using the eventzee scavenger hunt app

Annual License

The annual license option is perfect for organizations who are looking to host multiple events throughout the year with various numbers of players, all for one upfront fee. 

East Stroudsburg University, located in northeast Pennsylvania, is utilizing an annual license with Eventzee to host multiple events for its students and staff throughout the school year. With the extended license, they have freedom and flexibility to create a multitude of events that keeps their students excited to see what comes next.

“Having an annual license on Eventzee’s scavenger hunt app platform is the perfect way to keep our students engaged with ongoing events throughout the year,” said Joseph Akob, Executive Director of ESU’s Student Activity Association. “We started this school year with a scavenger hunt that helped introduce new students to all of the university’s departments and offerings, and we can’t wait to start executing our next event!”

White Label

From the app interface to the download page in the app store, white label apps are fully customized versions of the Eventzee app that represents your brand to the fullest potential. Include colors, logos, images, and other aspects of brand identity through the entire app experience.

For a small development fee, our game developers take your requirements to build the game from scratch that you’ve always dreamed of having for your customers.

The town of Jupiter, Florida, recently worked with the Eventzee scavenger hunt app developers to create their white label app, Passport to Jupiter. Players, composed of both visitors and locals of the Jupiter area, are able to download the Passport to Jupiter app from either app store to access the free, ongoing event. Custom challenges within the app awarded points which could be used to earn a free Jupiter prize pack. 

“Eventzee’s white label program was the perfect solution to what the Town of Jupiter was looking for in a digital platform,” said Shawn Reed, Community Relations Manager/PIO for the Town. “Eventzee was able to take our vision of the app and put it into a platform that was easy to use while maintaining the look and feel of our program.”

If you’re interested in any of our options, or if you have questions about which option might be best for your upcoming event, be sure to contact our team at sales@eventzeeapp.com or call us at 714-210-3850 x15.