City & Downtown
Scavenger Hunts

Build community through mobility

Boost engagement in your city or downtown with Eventzee’s scavenger hunt app. Whether looking to feature small businesses, local landmarks, downtown events, or something else that your town has to offer, Eventzee has the perfect solution for you.

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Increased Community Engagement

Come Together

Bring tourists and townspeople together to learn more about your hometown.

Create Partnerships

Boost business with citywide scavenger hunts that encourage interaction with store owners.

Learn History

Encourage exploration of your city or town and drive traffic to historic monuments or locations.
St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Historic Downtown McKinney, TX

Get The Party Started

Pump up the excitement at your city’s next festival or event with an engaging scavenger hunt. Make it virtual! Keep attendees moving and exploring all your event has to offer with photo and video challenges, and have them interact with vendors through QR Code challenges.

Map It Out

Create self-guided scavenger hunts and tours of historical landmarks and buildings. Tie GPS challenges to specific locations to drive traffic. Connect with local businesses to increase revenue, educate participants with interactive tasks, and keep the fun going 24/7 with our ongoing tourism programs.

Downtown McKinney, TX Tourism Week scavenger hunt.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Create unique and customizable events your whole community will enjoy!

Perfect for:

Historical and City-Wide Self-Guided Tours
Creating Unique Engagement Opportunities with Businesses and Local Vendors
Special Events and Celebrations
And Much More!