Boosting Booth Traffic: How Doomlings Leveraged Eventzee at Gen Con!

Boosting Booth Traffic: How Doomlings Leveraged Eventzee at Gen Con!

We’re happy to report that Gen Con 2023 was a whirlwind of excitement and innovation for tabletop gaming enthusiasts! Amidst the bustling crowds and array of games, Doomlings, the exciting card game that brings quirky creatures to life, stood out from the crowd! How, you might be asking? By teaming up with the Eventzee App! This collaboration between Doomlings and Eventzee massively elevated the experience for attendees which led to a substantial increase in booth traffic for Doomlings.

Doomlings has always been about delivering an immersive and interactive gaming experience, and teaming up with Eventzee proved to be the perfect partnership to achieve this goal! The combination of Doomlings’ whimsical world and Eventzee’s cutting-edge scavenger hunt platform was the perfect fit to enable Doomlings to shine at Gen Con, and to draw in thousands of attendees to their booth.

Doomlings leveraged Eventzee’s capabilities to create a series of engaging challenges and activities that seamlessly integrated with their booth setup. Attendees were invited to embark on a journey through the Doomlings universe by exploring the convention area, hunting for over-sized character cards with QR codes. Players scanned the QR cards to qualify for prizes, such as taking a free spin at a giant pinwheel located at the Doomlings booth. This gamified approach transformed booth traffic into an exciting quest, encouraging attendees to fully explore the Doomlings experience!

The challenges and activities weren’t just fun diversions; they were carefully crafted to offer attendees an interactive learning experience. As participants tackled the challenges, they gained a deeper understanding of Doomlings’ gameplay mechanics, lore, and intricacies. This interactive learning approach not only made booth traffic more meaningful but also ensured that attendees left with a profound connection to the game.

“Doomlings’ use of the Eventzee App at Gen Con 2023 was a total game-changer,” said Chief Operations Officer Eric McCoy. “By transforming booth traffic into an immersive quest, we not only showcased the unique charm of our game, but also set a new standard for engaging with our fans at future conventions.”

This collaboration serves as a shining example of how Eventzee can elevate the convention experience and create lasting connections between gamers and the worlds they love!

Uniting Professionals: Successful Knowledge Hunt Event with Eventzee

Uniting Professionals: Successful Knowledge Hunt Event with Eventzee

In today’s dynamic professional landscape, fostering connections and inspiring young professionals are essential for the growth and development of industries. William Wagner of People Working Better Together, with the sponsorship of the Project Management Institute Florida Suncoast Chapter and ASQ St. Petersburg-Tampa Section 1508 as well as the involvement of the Bay Area Young Professionals and Clearwater Young Professionals recognized this need and took a creative approach to bring professionals together. With their June 2023 Knowledge Hunt Event, the group utilized the versatile Eventzee scavenger hunt app to facilitate a cross-pollination of ideas and potential career opportunities. The Eventzee app and team were able to provide a seamless experience, allowing the organizers to unleash their creativity and deliver an unforgettable event.

The main objective of the Knowledge Hunt Event was to create an environment where professional association members, guests, and chamber of commerce members could interact and explore potential career opportunities. By specifically targeting young professionals, the event aimed to inspire and engage the next generation in diverse fields.

When selecting a platform for their event, the organizers wanted a solution that offered flexibility and encouraged creativity without compromising on the overall event experience. 

Create Your Best Angel Impression: Find the angel wings mural and use those wings to create the best “angel” impression.

William Wagner of People Working Better Together says that:

I am a big proponent of helping people learn and compete. This app provides that ability. The locations we went into when using this app were extremely happy as well as we brought about 50 people into these locations when they had maybe 5 before we showed up. I think our people also liked going to these places as they were not as familiar with the places and got to experience them.

That’s where Eventzee came into the picture! With our user-friendly interface and customizable features, Eventzee proved to be the ideal choice.

Setting up the event with Eventzee was a breeze for the organizers. They appreciated the simplicity and efficiency of the platform, allowing them to focus on the event’s content and goals. The intuitive configuration options ensured that the event was tailored to their specific requirements, providing a seamless experience for participants.

Eventzee’s customization abilities nurture creativity and gave the organizers the freedom to design custom challenges and tasks that showcased various professions, encouraging participants to think outside the box. By integrating gamification elements, Eventzee transformed the event into an exciting and interactive experience that captured the attention of young professionals.

Napkin Folding: Participants were challenged to try their hand at creating shapes out of napkins!

The Eventzee scavenger hunt app’s flexibility proved to be a game-changer for the organizers. They had complete control over the event’s flow and structure, adapting it to meet the evolving needs of the participants. Whether it was adding new challenges on the go or modifying the event timeline, Eventzee offered the necessary flexibility to create a dynamic and engaging experience.

William Wagner and the groups involved couldn’t contain their excitement about the outcome of their Knowledge Hunt Event. The Eventzee app proved to be a valuable asset, facilitating meaningful interactions and fostering connections among professionals. The event successfully achieved its objective of inspiring young professionals to explore various career paths, creating a positive ripple effect within the professions.

The Knowledge Hunt Event stands as a shining example of how Eventzee can bring professionals together, ignite creativity, and drive meaningful engagement. By selecting Eventzee, the organizers leveraged its user-friendly setup, creative flexibility, and immersive experience to inspire young professionals and promote cross-pollination among industries. The success of this event underscores the power of technology in creating impactful networking opportunities and shaping the careers of tomorrow.

Warhammer Fest 2023: An Immersive Experience with Eventzee Scavenger Hunt

Eventzee was honoured to go to battle at Warhammer Fest 2023, a huge tabletop wargames convention, that saw thousands of fans gather to celebrate all things Warhammer. Among the activities on offer was an immersive scavenger hunt experience realised through the power of Eventzee. 

Hosted by Games Workshop, the manufacturer of Warhammer and a variety of other tabletop games, the biggest official Warhammer event of 2023 took place at Manchester Central Convention Complex in England where attendees found themselves exploring a variety of areas dedicated to different event activities. The 3 day event included live previews, tournament areas, a board game cafe, and of course a scavenger hunt.

Eventzee enhanced the Warhammer Fest experience by introducing a scavenger hunt where players could interact with real world set pieces and locate hidden QR codes throughout the convention complex. Within Eventzee’s powerful scavenger hunt app, Games Workshop was able to craft an immersive experience over the course of three days. 

Numerous factions do battle in the Warhammer universe, and the scavenger hunt was themed around two of these. Scavenger hunt players had to choose their allegiance: either the  the uncompromising human Imperium, or the alien-worshipping Brotherhood Cultists. Based on the players’ allegiance, they participated in unique challenges throughout the Eventzee-based portion of the Warhammer event. Each player was tasked with locating 10 QR code challenges per day at the venue, which were hidden among impressive, lifesize recreations of some of the game’s well known settings.

The unique props and interactive set pieces were brought to life by EPH Creative, an event prop designing group who truly took Eventzee to new heights. Players had to traverse the interactive settings and hunt down the QR codes, which were sneakily hidden among armoury lockers, chemical pits, and battleground debris. This combination of physical props and digital gameplay was a unique new experience that proved a hit with the thousands of players who took part.

With each completed day within the Eventzee app, the players earned 1 piece of a 3 part badge. If players were dedicated enough to earn all three pieces by the end of the weekend, they were rewarded with a unique metal event pin bringing together all 3 pieces to create one pin badge. The highly sought after real world prize was a badge of honour for the players that completed the hunt.

The Games Workshop team created one of the most unique events that Eventzee has ever taken part in. Offering a high-value prize, such as the unique event pin badge, encouraged thousands of players to jump into the scavenger hunt app event. Thousands of attendees participated in completing the challenge! 

Warhammer Fest 2023 utilised the Eventzee scavenger hunt app to engage attendees with the event on a different level, exploring all parts of the venue, interacting with displays, and engaging with other event attendees. Thank you to Games Workshop and EPH Creative for making this event a truly memorable experience for everyone involved.

Beaver Creek uses Scavenger Hunt App for Ski Challenge – Eventzee

This past February, Beaver Creek Resort Company utilized Freeze Tag’s Eventzee scavenger hunt app for the 2023 Talons Challenge, a skiing event encompassing  the toughest runs throughout the resort. Beaver Creek Resort Company is a Colorado government based  organization, designed to support the tourism and management of the Beaver Creek village. 

Using the Eventzee scavenger hunt app, skiers who paid to participate in Talons Challenge were faced with the demanding task of completing all 14 of the toughest black and double black diamonds runs throughout Beaver Creek Resort, adding up to over 26,000 feet of vertical trail.

Within the app, skiers were  tasked with scanning QR codes located on each of the runs throughout the resort to track their progress. Participants in the challenge choose to complete the event all into one tough day of fun, or participate in the daunting “Master of the Mountain” to complete the Talons Challenge twice over the course of the weekend. 

“We were  so excited to be partnering with Beaver Creek for this year’s Talons Challenge,” said Craig Holland, CEO of Freeze Tag. “The Eventzee scavenger hunt app is perfect for this event’s unique terrain and our QR code scanning feature surely helped players track their progress as they tackled these demanding runs.”

Finishers of all 14 black and double black diamond runs were  awarded with a prize and a finisher patch, in addition to a sense of accomplishment and “bragging rights”. Finishers of the “Master of the Mountain” received a trophy, and additional premium SWAG.  

For more information about Talons challenge, visit the Beaver Creek Talons Challenge Eventbrite page.

If you’re interested in learning more about hosting an Eventzee scavenger hunt, visit our website and contact our team to set up the best package for you. You can also email us at or call us at 714-210-3850 x15.

Celebrate Employee Appreciation Day with the Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App

Employee Appreciation Day is just around the corner! It’s time to start thinking about how you might show your employees just how much you value them. There are plenty of traditional ways to do this, including company SWAG and office parties, but consider trying something new this year with an Eventzee scavenger hunt! 

The Eventzee scavenger hunt app is a mobile app that allows people to create custom scavenger hunts for all types of events, including work gatherings. It’s an exciting way to engage with your team and show them how much you appreciate their hard work. 

a group of four young professionals gathered together to look at phones as they participate in an Eventzee scavenger hunt app

Here’s why you should consider using the Eventzee scavenger hunt app for this year’s Employee Appreciation Day:


It’s Fun and Interactive

Eventzee is a great way to get your employees engaged and interacting with each other in a fun and exciting way. It’s a break from the usual work routine, which can help improve morale and boost team spirit. Plus, you can choose tasks that get the employees knowing each other on a different level!Eventzee also allows a variety of chat and social feed options within the app so employees can chat up the competition, talk smack, communicate with team members, and more. The photo feed allows players to see what other employees have posted. They can even “like” the photos or videos posted on the feed. And Admins can hold a “most likes” contest to provide incentive for players to post exceptional photos. If you incorporate both the social feed and the chat into your event, it’s like providing your own private social media channel for your players.


Leaderboards and Prizes

Our interactive live leaderboard provides a game-like atmosphere to enhance the competition among players. As an admin, you can also provide badges for individual or team performance, requiring players to complete certain tasks or specific actions to earn the badge. Don’t forget to offer prizes to top winners (or all participants) for extra guaranteed engagement!

Easy to Use

Eventzee is user-friendly and easy to use. Your employees will be able to quickly download the Eventzee app for free from either app store, and enter the game with your custom code or QR code. It allows you to get the game going in no time!

Teams Option

Eventzee has a variety of team options when it comes to building your next event. Our co-op mode lets each user use their own device to contribute to their team’s success. That means you can allow team across multiple departments within your company and even include employees who are both working in the office or remotely!


Safe and Socially Distanced

At Eventzee, we understand that you might still not be working in-office with your employees, or you may have both in-office and at-home employees. Eventzee is the perfect solution for gathering together, in-person, or some combination that works best for your situation. As long as your employees have the join code to your event, they’ll be able to participate from wherever they are!


Most Customizable Scavenger Hunt App Available

Eventzee is proud to be the market’s most customizable scavenger hunt app. You can customize your scavenger hunt to reflect your company culture and values, including custom colors, banner images, and task language. Eventzee also has the most task types on the market, which will ensure that your event is extra engaging!

Employee Appreciation Day is the perfect opportunity for companies to show their employees how much they value and appreciate their hard work. The Eventzee scavenger hunt app is here to help you make this a special day. For more information and to get in touch, contact Craig Holland,

Engaging Tourists Year-Round with a Scavenger Hunt App

There’s no doubt that for most places, tourism increases in the warmer months, when people are traveling more frequently and utilizing good weather to explore places they may have never been before. 

The secret to successful year-round tourism could lie within the type of event being offered throughout the city, attraction, or business that is trying to gather more traffic for their operation.

With the Eventzee scavenger hunt app, businesses of all kinds can utilize the platform to host events that keep people coming back throughout the year, no matter what the weather entails. 

Snowmass Tourism

Eventzee client, The Town of Snowmass Village, is the prime example of an organization that hosts an event consistently throughout the year to keep visitors coming back to explore all that they have to offer.

Snowmass Village, Colorado, is a vibrant community despite what time of the year it is. Located just 9 miles from Aspen, CO, Snowmass offers both winter snow sports as well as a variety of summer activities, including mountain biking. 

While visitors are engaging in their active sporting activities, they can also participate in the Snowmass Mountain Mission, which is a self-guided exploration of Snowmass Village hosted on the Eventzee scavenger hunt app

Participants get to compete for great prizes, while still learning about history, visiting local businesses, and checking out the best scenic spots the village has to offer. And one of the best parts of the entire event is that Snowmass Tourism continues to host it despite the time of year.

Turquoise Place Activity Scavenger Hunt App

Turquoise Place is an upscale beachfront resort in Orange Beach, Alabama, that offers premium vacation rentals and amenities. While Turquoise Place may not suffer from the lack of year-round beautiful weather, their scavenger hunt challenge, hosted on the Eventzee scavenger hunt app, is a great way to engage visitors all year round. 

The hunt, which is free to participate in, has guests solving riddles and other challenges throughout the resorts. It’s great for all ages, and allows players to earn prizes as they explore the beautiful beaches of the resort! 

Not only is this event perfect for making sure guests find all the picture-perfect places throughout the resort, but it also ensures that guests may be stumbling upon places in the hotel that they may not have otherwise experienced. 

The Eventzee scavenger hunt app is utilized throughout many cities, zoos, sports stadiums, farms, and more, and is the perfect addition to any type of tourist attraction! For more information and to get in touch, contact Craig Holland,

Turquoise Place Scavenger Hunt App advertisement

2022 Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App Holiday Event Round-Up

As we near the end of the year, Eventzee is proud to support businesses of all sizes in their holiday event endeavors. Here are some of our partners this holiday season. 

DTLA Holiday Adventure

For the second year, Downtown Los Angeles is hosting a scavenger hunt adventure. The event, which takes place until January 1, 2023, is available for free to all visitors of the area. Using the Eventzee app, players are guided on a scavenger hunt throughout the downtown area, consisting of several shops, hot spots, and iconic sites. 

The whole experience can be completed over several days or all at once, and players can expect to explore 3 miles of sites before completing the whole event. Plus, there are over $5,000 in prizes for participants to win if they’re in the top 50 players on the leaderboard! App screengrabs


The Gathering Family Christmas Scavenger Hunt

The Gathering United Methodist Church of St. Louis, Missouri, utilized the Eventzee scavenger hunt app for their 2022 holiday Family Christmas Experience. The event, which was open to the public, allowed participants to experience the Christmas story like never before. 

The event included a scavenger hunt, crafts, holiday treats, and even featured some fun stable animals for petting!

Dashing Through Downtown 2022 – Jacksonville, FL

Downtown Jacksonville, Florida, hosted a holiday-themed downtown adventure in mid-December. The event, which was free to players, tasked everyone with locating 10 QR codes at participating businesses in the downtown area. The first 100 players to find and scan all 10 QR codes received DTJax e-Giftcards, which are good to use at many restaurants and businesses in Jacksonville.

Additionally, many other QR codes and challenges could have been completed to be entered to win other great prizes. The event concluded with an outdoor movie screening of two Christmas classics. 

No matter what size event you’re looking to host, Eventzee is the perfect tool to make sure all your participants are engaged and having fun! We’re here to help with your next event. For more information, contact Craig Holland,

Using a Scavenger Hunt App for 2022 Small Business Saturday

As we look forward to the holiday season, our team at Eventzee wants to take this time to support and raise awareness for independent shop owners across the country on Small Business Saturday (the Saturday after Thanksgiving). This nationwide movement to help small businesses is a great marketing initiative, and Eventzee can help you take engagement even further with personalized scavenger hunts. To get you started, here are a few ideas for using the Eventzee scavenger hunt app this November and beyond!

small business owners stand adjusting size of open sign for small business saturday event using eventzee scavenger hunt app

Downtown Adventures

The few days after a big Thanksgiving meal are perfect for encouraging people to come and walk around your local downtown area. Team up with other local businesses to create a virtual passport using the Eventzee scavenger hunt app and offer prizes to participants who get out and visit multiple businesses in your city. 

Eventzee client Downtown Center Business Improvement District (DCBID) of Los Angeles, California, used the Eventzee scavenger hunt app last year to encourage residents and visitors to explore local businesses and landmarks of Downtown LA. Dialing up the fun and encouraging patronage of the area’s small businesses in recognition of Small Business Saturday was a hit with locals and visitors alike.

The scavenger hunt could be completed within a few hours, and tasked players to use the Eventzee app to complete tasks and challenges throughout the city. Participants stopped by landmarks and businesses including iconic sites such as Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Broad and Grand Central Market and small businesses in the Jewelry District, The Bloc and FIG@7th.

Take a cue from our friends in Downtown LA and bring Eventzee to your area this Fall! Combine the immersive scavenger hunt experience with local discounts for even more engagement!

Discounts and Deals

Bring out the masses by offering deals, coupons, and discounts for those who choose to participate in your Small Business Saturday event! It’s likely that the small businesses will already be offering their own discounts during the busiest shopping season of the year, but additional offers will encourage people to join the event and visit more shops and businesses.

Using a virtual passport system with Eventzee, players can earn discount codes as badges for completing various challenges. This will encourage more engagement with a variety of businesses and award players for their dedication.

Keep them Coming Back

Many Eventzee clients offer players a small prize after the event concludes, like a gift card to be spent within the city at participating locations. This can include local shops, restaurants, or attractions. A monetary prize encourages participants to be excited about the prospect of returning to the town at a later date.

This past October, Downtown Jacksonville, FL, used Eventzee for their Halloweek event, which encouraged all attendees to scan at least 10 QR codes into the Eventzee app, and then rewarded all who completed the event a $20 #DTJax e-Gift Card. 

Offering prizes not only encourages participation, but also drives home repeat business and small business camaraderie between shop owners.

Make it an Event!

While Small Business Saturday is usually just one day, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it into a bigger celebration. After Thanksgiving, people look forward to tree lightings, holiday lights exploring, holiday shopping, and more. Expand your Small Business Saturday into December and use the Eventzee scavenger hunt app to inform people of upcoming events. 

Regardless of what your Small Business Saturday event looks like, Eventzee is here to support you in making it the best event yet! For more information and to get in touch, contact Craig Holland,

NEW Ready-Made Party Packs Make Event Planning a Snap!

NEW Ready-Made Party Packs Make Event Planning a Snap!

What are “Party Packs”? Party Packs are premade scavenger hunts with 20+ Photo, Video, and Quiz challenges written around a central theme, allowing up to 25 players. These packs are perfect for birthday parties, family reunions, weddings, any gathering of friends and family – and we’ve done all the work for you.

When you purchase a Party Pack, you will have admin privileges which include: having the ability to approve and reject Photo and Video submissions from players, the ability to download submitted photos and videos for your own use, and more! They do NOT include the ability to edit the challenges (if you would like that ability, please Contact Us to set up a Custom Hunt). As we are offering this service of creating a private scavenger hunt with challenges already written for use in your event, the price for Party Packs is $49.99.

If you had purchased one of the Themed Huntz we sold in the past, this may sound familiar. As mentioned earlier, the main change is that instead of offering a single entry ticket into a scavenger hunt, which you would purchase as a player, we are now offering an entire premade hunt, which you would purchase as an event host. In addition, each of the Party Packs has DOUBLE the amount of challenges that the Themed Huntz had, bringing them to 20 challenges each, with the exception of the A, B, ZEEs! Party Pack, which still has 26 challenges. Some of the new challenges we added are Video and Quiz challenges, so you and your attendees can get a taste of these new challenge types, though the majority are still Photo challenges.

These hunts have been designed so you and your attendees can do them in your home, but as always we suggest getting creative! Some of these challenges will be items you’ll search for, while others you’ll need to craft yourself.

In order to purchase a Party Pack, simply visit our shop here: Once the purchase is complete, you will receive an e-mail with instructions like the one shown below.

This e-mail covers everything you need to know to finish your Party Pack event setup, so make sure to read it carefully! If you run into any issues, please feel free to e-mail us at

Lastly, here’s a rundown of the Packs! Again, for those of you who had seen the Themed Huntz, the descriptions remain mostly the same as before, but we have created an entirely new Super Spooky Season Pack as well!

Super Spooky Season

Enter if you dare and you’re in for a scare! This spooky Party Pack is perfect for Halloween, or any other time of year you feel like being very scary. Search for classic movie monsters, snack on candy, and more this spooky season!

A Pirate’s Life For ZEE!

Ahoy! Help the legendary Captain Zee find me treasure matey! It’s up to ye to put on your best pirate outfit and prepare for adventure. We’ll sail the seven seas, track down buried treasure, and more in this Party Pack. Perfect for the whole crew!

Space: ZEE Final Frontier

Captain’s log: Year 3049. Space, and all of its inhabitants, is as vast as the imagination. Stars, aliens, and asteroid fields are just some of the adventures you’ll tackle in this Party Pack that’s simply out of this world!

Fabled FantaZEE

Once upon a time, in a kingdom far from this land, the righteous King Bob asked for a helping hand! Your journey will be filled with castles, princesses, and dragons of lore. Upon this Party Pack adventure, there is much fun in store!

Jungle SafarZEE

Welcome to the SafarZEE! Prepare to explore wild jungles, encounter ferocious animals, and swing across the tree lines. Remember to get creative, and strike your best Tarzan pose for photo and video challenges!

A, B, ZEEs!

A, B, C, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3! Brush off that dictionary for a Party Pack that can be done anywhere worldwide. There will be 26 challenges for you to complete based on each letter of the alphabet! Put on your thinking cap for creative learning at its finest!

While some of these Packs may fit certain occasions better than others, you can purchase them at any time — after all, it’s your event! Encourage your players to be creative as you’ll have a better variety of photos and videos to download and use! If you’ve got any prizes to award, you can use the event leaderboard as the basis!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you so much for reading and we hope you enjoy these new Party Packs. We hope to come up with more in the future if there’s enough interest in this type of product!

Happy hunting!

Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App Partners with Concord Adex for Public Art Program

image featuring woman looking at small information board about artwalk at concord park place with event using eventzee scavenger hunt app

TUSTIN, CA, October 19, 2022 – Freeze Tag (OTC: FRZT), a leading creator of location-based mobile social games, is proud to announce partnership with Concord Adex, Canada’s largest privately funded public art program featuring Indigenous, Canadian, and emerging artists from around the world. Utilizing Freeze Tag’s Eventzee scavenger hunt app, the ArtWalk is officially the largest critical mass of public art in Ontario. 

The ArtWalk at Concord Park Place is located at Ethennonnhawahstihnen Park in North York, Ontario, and features over 20 works commissioned by Concord Park Place. The ArtWalk was curated by Public Art Consultant Karen Mills, and will run through winter.

Using the Eventzee scavenger hunt app, visitors to Concord Park Place can access the Artwalk at a different and deeper level. The free-to-play event features multiple challenges for an immersive experience throughout the art installations. 

“Concord Adex’s idea for an immersive art experience was great and we’re proud to be part of it,” said Craig Holland, CEO of Freeze Tag. “People have become so accustomed to using their mobile devices and now the ArtWalk allows them to engage with the art pieces in new and unique ways.”

The Artwalk contains more than 20 commissions from local artists, which can be found through the Eventzee app’s map feature. With scannable QR codes at each location, participants can check in and learn more about each installation, the artist, and other associated works from each creator. Players who check in to every piece of art will be entered to win various prizes that update every month. 

“Using tech as a medium, youth will appreciate and engage in is key in encouraging interaction. We hope this progressive and condensed presentation will inspire many and we plan to develop the app further,” said Terry Hui, President and CEO Concord Pacific Group. “Our mentorship program also funds up-and-coming artists to create art that future generations will appreciate.”

Concord Adex’s Artwalk aims to engage local youth to appreciate and understand the beauty that comes from artists of all backgrounds, with hopes to encourage some to become future artists. Artwalk is an ongoing event with more attractions added every month, including new events and art installations.

For more information and to begin the Artwalk at Concord Park Place experience, download Eventzee from the App Store or Google Play Store and use code CONCORD to begin.

If you’re interested in learning more about hosting an Eventzee scavenger hunt, visit our website and contact our team to set up the best package for you. You can also email us at or call us at 714-210-3850 x15.

About Concord Adex and Concord Pacific

Concord has been building Canada’s largest lifestyle-forward urban communities for over 30 years.

Under the leadership of President and CEO, Terry Hui, Concord Pacific Place in Vancouver and Concord CityPlace in Toronto are the country’s two largest urban master-plans and are mostly complete. Over the past decade Concord expanded with master-plans in North York (Concord Park Place) and five master-plans of scale in western Canada. Concord also expanded to Seattle’s tech hub in the United States and London, UK including Marylebone and the completion of Principal Tower in the Principal Place neighbourhood, home to Amazon UK. These communities are renowned for their vibrant urban planning and have been emulated globally. The award-winning developer is Canada’s most substantial contributor of urban city parks and privately funded public art. In addition to their industry leading forward practices, including Concord BioSpace and EV Parking infrastructure and design, the company’s Green Energy arm generates twice the amount of energy needed to power all the homes they have built. Visit for more information.

Concord ArtSpace / ArtWalk

Concord developed their public art program to make art accessible to all and to inspire local youth to appreciate art and become future artists. Concord Pacific’s public art plan for Concord Pacific Place, developed 30 years ago, is the model now referenced in all major cities across the country. Concord’s public art program has resulted in more than 60 permanent commissions of scale. Their mentorship program was created to assist new local and indigenous artists in pitching and communicating their art and culture to a public audience.

About Freeze Tag, Inc. and Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App

Freeze Tag, Inc. is a leading creator of mobile location-based games for consumers and businesses.  Our portfolio includes hits such as Munzee, a social platform with more than 12 million locations worldwide and hundreds of thousands of players that blends gamification and geolocation into an experience that rewards players for going places in the physical world, WallaBee, an addictive collecting game with over 2,400 beautifully drawn digital cards, Painted Rocks App, a new and innovative way to track, share, and find painted and kindness rocks through an interactive map, as well as many social mobile games that provide endless hours of family-friendly fun. We also offer the Eventzee platform, a fully customizable gaming solution that allows organizations and businesses to create branded virtual, physical and hybrid scavenger hunts for their customers and constituents.  For more information about Freeze Tag, go to:

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains forward-looking statements that involve substantial uncertainties and risks. These forward-looking statements are based upon our current expectations, estimates and projections and reflect our beliefs and assumptions based upon information available to us at the date of this release. We caution readers that forward-looking statements are predictions based on our current expectations about future events. These forward-looking statements are not guarantees of future performance and are subject to risks, uncertainties and assumptions that are difficult to predict. Our actual results, performance or achievements could differ materially from those expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements as a result of a number of factors, including but not limited to, our ability to market our games, and our ability to implement new changes and release them. We undertake no obligation to revise or update any forward-looking statement for any reason.


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