Custom Events

 Eventzee specializes in Community Engagement and Team Building events. Our creative consultants will assist you with your hunt design and help you be successful from start to finish. Contact our team today to get a quote for your custom event!

A team using Eventzee scavenger hunt app poses for a photo to complete one of the tasks during a team building scavenger hunt

Custom Event Package Benefits:

Choose from 7 different challenge types to create your custom event:
Photo, Video, Quiz, GPS, QR Code, Text and Information.
Keep your players engaged with social features that include a social feed displaying players’ photos and videos, interactive chat, and leaderboard. Or, you can choose to disable any of these features if you wish.
Award players discounts, merchant coupons, and prizes based on in-app badges for achieving specific goals! Perfect for sponsorship opportunities.
Grow your brand awareness as players easily share their experiences, photos, and videos on social media. Utilize customization options to highlight your brand image.
Short on social media content? Your players will help generate photos and videos you can use to enhance your social media presence with authentic experiences.
Access admin features in-app to approve challenges on-site without a computer

Now, let’s get started.

Contact our team today to get a quote for your custom event!