Scavenger Hunts

Welcome to the 21st Century Classroom

Combine technology with higher level questioning while engaging students in fun, creative ways. Encourage active learning through interactive gameplay. Introduce new students to campuses and universities with challenge-based tours.

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Innovative Interactions


Show new students around campus and drive traffic to unique areas with interactive tours.

Un-Plug & Play

Integrate technology in your classroom and make the most of the medium.


Engage students in fun, creative ways as an alternative learning tool.

Fundraising Platform

If you’re looking for a way to raise funds for your institution, consider implementing a fun and engaging program built around Eventzee. Develop a forum for your donors and alumni to compete and contribute to help you meet your financial goals.

Play to Learn

Students and faculty alike enjoy playing games. Why not use the power of “fun” to engage your students as you orient them to their new campus? Or involve faculty in gaming competitions to showcase their knowledge and expertise with one another? Everyone learns better when the learning experience is fun. And everyone wins.

Eventzee Scavenger hunt app is the most customizable on the market. There are 7 challenge types offered and each event is branded to the company's branding.

Explore Education

Bring Eventzee to your campus as a tool for interactive tours. Help new students find their way around campus with the app’s map function. Teach them the history of the school with customized quiz questions, text entry, QR codes or GPS challenges.