Scavenger Hunts

Gamify your brand experiences

Engage with your customers in new and exciting ways through gaming programs using the Eventzee platform. Increase brand loyalty and offer virtual marketing promotions, incentives and competitions for a day, a week or even many months.

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Engaging Brand Experiences

Build Your Brand

Eventzee offers incredible opportunities to build your brand. You can attach your logo or other important branding elements to every challenge in your scavenger hunt.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Customers love to have fun while they’re engaging with your brand. What better way to fuel the fire than offer an ongoing scavenger hunt with new challenges and offerings released over time? Some Eventzee clients use our app all year long.

Offer Incentives & Rewards

The flexibility of Eventzee allows you to incorporate prizes and coupons, and incentives into your challenges on a regular basis. You can even incorporate co-sponsor coupons or promotional specials to reward your customers for playing your game.
A video posted by Barnes Nation to announce the start of Game of Barnes Season 3!

Barnes Nation – Game of Barnes

In British Columbia, the Barnes Harley-Davidson Motorcycle dealership network uses Eventzee as a platform to run their very popular, several-months-long Game of Barnes competition. The first prize is a brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Below is a description of their very creative customer loyalty program:

Barnes Nation: Game of Barnes is a community gaming app designed to get motorcycle riders out exploring the open roads and connecting with other riders. Complete challenges by taking photos, videos, and riding your motorcycle to special destinations. For every challenge completed, you’ll earn points and climb our in-game leaderboard.

The Ultimate Branded App

So, maybe you’ve thought about having your very own branded game? You dream about your customers engaging with your brand…but you’ve found it can be cost prohibitive to build a mobile app from scratch.

Not anymore! For a small development fee, we can create a customized version of our Eventzee app that represents your brand, including your colors, logos, and complete brand identity throughout the entire app experience.

Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App is fully built to include each company's branding, colors, and logos.