Uniting Professionals: Successful Knowledge Hunt Event with Eventzee

Uniting Professionals: Successful Knowledge Hunt Event with Eventzee

In today’s dynamic professional landscape, fostering connections and inspiring young professionals are essential for the growth and development of industries. William Wagner of People Working Better Together, with the sponsorship of the Project Management Institute Florida Suncoast Chapter and ASQ St. Petersburg-Tampa Section 1508 as well as the involvement of the Bay Area Young Professionals and Clearwater Young Professionals recognized this need and took a creative approach to bring professionals together. With their June 2023 Knowledge Hunt Event, the group utilized the versatile Eventzee scavenger hunt app to facilitate a cross-pollination of ideas and potential career opportunities. The Eventzee app and team were able to provide a seamless experience, allowing the organizers to unleash their creativity and deliver an unforgettable event.

The main objective of the Knowledge Hunt Event was to create an environment where professional association members, guests, and chamber of commerce members could interact and explore potential career opportunities. By specifically targeting young professionals, the event aimed to inspire and engage the next generation in diverse fields.

When selecting a platform for their event, the organizers wanted a solution that offered flexibility and encouraged creativity without compromising on the overall event experience. 

Create Your Best Angel Impression: Find the angel wings mural and use those wings to create the best “angel” impression.

William Wagner of People Working Better Together says that:

I am a big proponent of helping people learn and compete. This app provides that ability. The locations we went into when using this app were extremely happy as well as we brought about 50 people into these locations when they had maybe 5 before we showed up. I think our people also liked going to these places as they were not as familiar with the places and got to experience them.

That’s where Eventzee came into the picture! With our user-friendly interface and customizable features, Eventzee proved to be the ideal choice.

Setting up the event with Eventzee was a breeze for the organizers. They appreciated the simplicity and efficiency of the platform, allowing them to focus on the event’s content and goals. The intuitive configuration options ensured that the event was tailored to their specific requirements, providing a seamless experience for participants.

Eventzee’s customization abilities nurture creativity and gave the organizers the freedom to design custom challenges and tasks that showcased various professions, encouraging participants to think outside the box. By integrating gamification elements, Eventzee transformed the event into an exciting and interactive experience that captured the attention of young professionals.

Napkin Folding: Participants were challenged to try their hand at creating shapes out of napkins!

The Eventzee scavenger hunt app’s flexibility proved to be a game-changer for the organizers. They had complete control over the event’s flow and structure, adapting it to meet the evolving needs of the participants. Whether it was adding new challenges on the go or modifying the event timeline, Eventzee offered the necessary flexibility to create a dynamic and engaging experience.

William Wagner and the groups involved couldn’t contain their excitement about the outcome of their Knowledge Hunt Event. The Eventzee app proved to be a valuable asset, facilitating meaningful interactions and fostering connections among professionals. The event successfully achieved its objective of inspiring young professionals to explore various career paths, creating a positive ripple effect within the professions.

The Knowledge Hunt Event stands as a shining example of how Eventzee can bring professionals together, ignite creativity, and drive meaningful engagement. By selecting Eventzee, the organizers leveraged its user-friendly setup, creative flexibility, and immersive experience to inspire young professionals and promote cross-pollination among industries. The success of this event underscores the power of technology in creating impactful networking opportunities and shaping the careers of tomorrow.