Potter County Searches For Sasquatch With Eventzee

Potter County Searches For Sasquatch With Eventzee

The Potter County ATV/UTV Club launched their ATV-based hunt using the Eventzee scavenger hunt app. Utilizing Eventzee technology, the “Sasquatch Scavenger Hunt” had participants ride all-terrain vehicles through Susquehannock Forest and surrounding area in search of the elusive bigfoot.

The Sasquatch Scavenger Hunt teams gathered at AJ’s Outdoor Power Equipment of Coudersport to receive sasquatch “hunting” permits along with specific instructions for the day ahead. During their adventure, teams were tasked with various scavenger hunt challenges, including quiz, video, and photo submissions. Players were recommended to play in teams, with donations activating one device per team. The teams were encouraged to arrive in “team spirit”, with an extra award being given to those who were most creative. 

“We loved how fun and creative the Sasquatch Scavenger Hunt turned out to be,” said Craig Holland, CEO of Freeze Tag, “The organizers put together an extremely unique event, which is the perfect way to get people engaged with their fellow community members.”

Throughout the day, team members kept their eyes peeled for Bigfoot, who could be found hiding near local businesses. Photos were captured of the Sasquatch himself, as well as any evidence that showed where he went throughout the event. Once photos were submitted, Eventzee’s admin feature allowed the organizers to approve and award points as the day went on.

“Our teams had so much fun throughout the day searching for the Sasquatch,” said Brad Smith, Board member of the Potter County ATV/UTV Club “Eventzee added an immersive layer to the experience, and the real time features made it easier than ever to engage with the players.”

Points were awarded to players for completing various challenges and submitting their photos through the Eventzee scavenger hunt app. Every 5 points that the teams entitled them to 1 ticket for the prize drawing. Various cash prizes were randomly awarded to a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner, totaling $500.00, door prizes, shirts and club merchandise.

If you’re interested in hosting an Eventzee scavenger hunt visit our website and contact our team to set up the best package for you. You can also email us at sales@eventzeeapp.com or call us at 714-210-3850 x15. Eventzee is ideal for trade shows, conferences and orientations. Businesses can use the app to drive traffic to specific locations, promote vendors or products and increase social interactions, while observing appropriate social distances. Some clients use Eventzee to hold contests and give away prizes to their most engaged customers. There are many ways Eventzee can help you achieve your business goals. For more information visit https://eventzeeapp.com/.

About Potter County ATV/UTV Club
The Potter County ATV/UTV Club is a social organization aimed at combining ATV/UTV recreation with community service in North Central Pennsylvania. Potter County and Susquehannock Forest include more than 40 miles of designated ATV trails. Many campgrounds are available for ATV riders looking for extra adventure! For more information on how to join the Potter County ATV/UTV Club, please visit pcatvutvclub.com or find them on Facebook.

About Freeze Tag, Inc.
Freeze Tag, Inc. is a leading creator of mobile location-based games for consumers and businesses.  Our portfolio includes hits such as Munzee, a social platform with nearly 10 million locations worldwide and hundreds of thousands of players that blends gamification and geolocation into an experience that rewards players for going places in the physical world, Garfield Go, a Pokemon Go style augmented reality game based on the iconic cat Garfield, WallaBee, an addictive collecting game with over 2,200 beautifully drawn digital cards, as well as many social mobile games that provide endless hours of family-friendly fun. We also offer our technology and services to businesses that want to leverage mobile gaming in their marketing and branding programs. For example, our Eventzee solution allows businesses to create private scavenger hunts in physical places such as malls, tradeshows, company events or campuses to create immersive brand experiences.  For more information about Freeze Tag, go to: https://www.freezetag.com

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Engaging Students on Campus with the Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App

Engaging Students on Campus with the Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App

The Eventzee scavenger hunt app is the perfect tool for allowing students to interact with school activities from the comfort of their own smart devices. Whether they’re first-year students who need some guidance, or they’re returning to campus for the new semester, everyone can join in the fun. By using the Eventzee app, you can show students around campus, announce homecoming activities, teach them school history, and more!

The Eventzee team realizes that planning an event can be daunting, so here are a few ideas to get you off and running!




Large campuses can be tough to navigate, especially for new students. Eventzee’s map feature allows you to guide students to various locations throughout your campus, allowing them to explore in a structured way. For students who might already think they know the lay of the land, this can be a great tool to show them places they may have never been before! 

Using Eventzee, students can scan QR codes hidden at certain locations around campus to “check in” and receive points for each location they hit. 

In recognition of the fact that some students might not be back to campus just quite yet, they can still participate in the fun from home! Tufts University used Eventzee’s scavenger hunt app during their spring reunion week, where the tasks could have easily been completed from home. 

For example, one task remarks on a special landmark of Tufts University’s campus, but asks players to submit a picture with a local landmark to their own communities. Participation doesn’t always have to be on location!  



Who walked these paths before this current class of students? Every school has a rich history, whether big or small, waiting to be uncovered. Use the Eventzee scavenger hunt app to guide students to specific points on the campus. Are there fountains or statues of important figures? Who are the buildings named after? Where is the cafeteria? Where is the library?

Test student knowledge by including quiz questions here, or they can just pose for a picture with the landmark and submit it for points. 




Are any of the players “too cool for school”? Utilize the Eventzee scavenger hunt to get them engaged in school spirit! 

Have them submit pictures, either individually or in teams, of them posing with the school mascot, showing off their best SWAG outfits, repping the school colors, and more. If students are playing in teams, ask them to create a school cheer and submit a video of themselves performing it! 

In a recent event hosted through the Eventzee scavenger hunt app, Lehigh Carbon Community College tasked the students with creating a 15-30 second commercial for their college using video challenges. Among the other scavenger hunt challenges, students got to write, direct and perform in their own commercial that showcased how much they love their college. 

advertisement for lehigh carbon community college scavenger hunt using eventzee scavenger hunt app, featuring a picture of their campus and a magnifying glass



Students, both new and returning, tend to not know everything that their school has to offer. Whether it be majors, classes to take, or clubs and sports to join, there’s always something new and exciting to be discovered. 

Students can check in to open houses that clubs and sports are hosting, post pictures of themselves participating in activities, and more to earn points. 




The best way to get your students excited to participate in a scavenger hunt is to offer an awesome prize for the winner, or for everyone who participates! While the prize doesn’t have to be anything big, awesome prizes could include school SWAG, campus bookstore gift cards, small tech items, and more!


Engaging Students on Campus with the Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App


The Eventzee team is ready to make your new campus activity a hit. Get in touch with us to start planning your next event! Contact Craig Holland – sales@eventzeeapp.com

5 Benefits of Using a Scavenger Hunt App for Your Next Fundraiser

5 Benefits of Using a Scavenger Hunt App for Your Next Fundraiser

Looking to spice up your next fundraiser event? Make it virtual! Whether you’re looking for a way to engage people who might be contributing from home, or you’re just looking for a way to make your annual event a little different this year, the Eventzee fundraiser scavenger hunt app is the perfect solution for fundraising. 

Check out our team’s tips below for why we think Eventzee is the best solution for your upcoming event!

Raise Funds Through Hunt Ticket Sales

The point of any fundraiser is to ultimately work towards supporting a cause. With a fundraising scavenger hunt app, organizations can allow people to play for free and donate what they like, or you can request player entrance (ticket) fees. 

Some organizations choose to allow players to participate in teams or individually, and have the entrance fee vary accordingly. Other Eventzee clients have added incentives for teams based on various fundraising thresholds including early access to challenges, bonus challenges and more!

Allow for Team Play!

With Eventzee’s unique team play option, organizations can choose to allow players to play individually or in teams of any size. All players can still contribute on their own phones to their team’s score. 

One of the biggest challenges with virtual events is ensuring that all players are engaged. With the teams option, you can allow people to work together to complete a goal. Players can support one another in an effort to compete against other teams, or to win a prize at the end of the event. 

In the height of the pandemic, and worried that they would have to cancel their fundraising event altogether, The Salvation Army of Buffalo created an amazing fundraiser using Eventzee’s fundraiser scavenger hunt app where teams of two were able to participate from the safety of their cars. These team members worked together as they traveled around Buffalo exploring arts, history, and more. 

Team poses for a photo while at an event that uses Eventzee's fundraiser scavenger hunt app

Make It Educational!

What cause or organization does the fundraiser support? Having donations towards a cause is wonderful, but what’s even better is educating people on benefits of the organization. Whether raising money for medical research, or gaining support for local youth organizations, fundraisers that educate players have a longer standing impact than those that just ask for monetary donations. 

With Eventzee’s fundraiser scavenger hunt app, there are seven different task types to choose from when building the event. One of the most-loved task types is the quiz category. Test players’ knowledge of the cause they’re supporting by offering multiple choice questions. You can also ramp up the difficulty and use text challenges instead of quizzes where players must “write in” the correct answer. With quizzes and text challenges, players might end up learning something new about an organization they care about!

Allow People to Join the Fun From Anywhere using a Fundraiser Scavenger Hunt App!

Especially today, with many restrictions on gathering sizes and traveling, it’s important to allow players to have the option of joining in on the fun virtually. They may not be able to run around a campus and find specific hidden clues, but there are plenty of ways to keep them engaged and entertained, while supporting the cause, in their own homes and local communities!

Recently, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Bluegrass held their first-ever hybrid fundraising event with Eventzee’s fundraiser scavenger hunt app. The event, which is typically in person, gave players a timeframe to complete the challenges. Some challenges were available to those who were attending the event in-person, while others were for those playing from afar. The event was a hit and the organization was able to raise almost $50,000 that will directly benefit the youth of Central Kentucky. 

Promo flyer for Big Brothers Big Sisters Scavenger Hunt App using Eventzee's Fundraiser Scavenger Hunt App

Keep People Engaged and Motivated With a Prize!

While all players should be ultimately participating in this fundraising scavenger hunt to support the cause, there’s no harm in kicking it up a notch and motivating the group to get competitive with the end goal of winning a prize. 

Prizes can be as small as a item of the organization’s SWAG, or something even bigger. Better yet, offer the winner the ability to have a portion of the amount fundraised donated in their name!

Eventzee is the perfect way to throw a fun and amazing fundraising event, and allows people to really become ingrained in the company or organization they’re supporting. As the most customizable option on the market, Eventzee’s team is eager to work with you to make this your best event yet!

For more information, contact sales@eventzeeapp.com.