Beaver Creek uses Scavenger Hunt App for Ski Challenge – Eventzee

This past February, Beaver Creek Resort Company utilized Freeze Tag’s Eventzee scavenger hunt app for the 2023 Talons Challenge, a skiing event encompassing  the toughest runs throughout the resort. Beaver Creek Resort Company is a Colorado government based  organization, designed to support the tourism and management of the Beaver Creek village. 

Using the Eventzee scavenger hunt app, skiers who paid to participate in Talons Challenge were faced with the demanding task of completing all 14 of the toughest black and double black diamonds runs throughout Beaver Creek Resort, adding up to over 26,000 feet of vertical trail.

Within the app, skiers were  tasked with scanning QR codes located on each of the runs throughout the resort to track their progress. Participants in the challenge choose to complete the event all into one tough day of fun, or participate in the daunting “Master of the Mountain” to complete the Talons Challenge twice over the course of the weekend. 

“We were  so excited to be partnering with Beaver Creek for this year’s Talons Challenge,” said Craig Holland, CEO of Freeze Tag. “The Eventzee scavenger hunt app is perfect for this event’s unique terrain and our QR code scanning feature surely helped players track their progress as they tackled these demanding runs.”

Finishers of all 14 black and double black diamond runs were  awarded with a prize and a finisher patch, in addition to a sense of accomplishment and “bragging rights”. Finishers of the “Master of the Mountain” received a trophy, and additional premium SWAG.  

For more information about Talons challenge, visit the Beaver Creek Talons Challenge Eventbrite page.

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