How to Use a Digital Platform for Youth Events

How to Use a Digital Platform for Youth Events

Throughout the pandemic, our society has shifted to an all-new level of the virtual world. For most, that has meant learning how to work virtually, utilizing video conferencing and digital platforms to keep life on a somewhat normal schedule. Even youth have had to adapt to a hybrid world, with many having the option to attend classes online. 

In a world that’s been packed with digital engagement in the last 2 years, it’s more important than ever for young people to take time to socialize with their peers any way possible. It can seem daunting to plan additional virtual activities that really engage participants on a different level, but here are a few ideas to get you started!

three eventzee scavenger hunt app screenshots showing GPS challenge, team challenge, text challenge

Let them create virtual teams: 

If you’re utilizing a scavenger hunt platform to host an event from home, you can still allow youth to engage with one another recreationally. As an admin, you can either assign the teams or let players choose their own. This is great not just as an ice breaker, but also a way to encourage teamwork through digital means. They can give themselves a team name, photo, and description to kick off the fun!

Let them be the star of the show: 

Youth love to tell stories, which is the perfect use of Eventzee’s video submission challenge feature. Admins can use the scavenger hunt app video challenge in a variety of ways, including read-alouds, skit performances, or even just to explain how they got the answer to a problem. Let them embrace their creativity using technology! 

Use the scavenger hunt app to include learning in a fun way: 

With so much digital presence, it’s really important to be innovative with the way learning takes place. Using Eventzee’s scavenger hunt app allows you to mix things up with 7 different challenge types – including photo, video, quiz, text, and more. Whether you want students to explore creativity with a photo or showcase their comprehension of specific materials with a quiz, Eventzee challenges can be fitted to a number of needs. This allows admins to design an event that works perfectly for their group of participants, no matter what type of event it may be!

Don’t let at-home participation stop the fun: 

Most importantly, as we look to enter the third year of the pandemic, make sure to use a platform like Eventzee’s scavenger hunt app that allows your players to join the event at home or in person. This allows for anyone to participate, no matter what might be happening. Nothing will replace a 100% in-person event, but you can enhance your hybrid events to make the most for all attendees! 

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