Engaging Tourists Year-Round with a Scavenger Hunt App

Engaging Tourists Year-Round with a Scavenger Hunt App

There’s no doubt that for most places, tourism increases in the warmer months, when people are traveling more frequently and utilizing good weather to explore places they may have never been before. 

The secret to successful year-round tourism could lie within the type of event being offered throughout the city, attraction, or business that is trying to gather more traffic for their operation.

With the Eventzee scavenger hunt app, businesses of all kinds can utilize the platform to host events that keep people coming back throughout the year, no matter what the weather entails. 

Snowmass Tourism

Eventzee client, The Town of Snowmass Village, is the prime example of an organization that hosts an event consistently throughout the year to keep visitors coming back to explore all that they have to offer.

Snowmass Village, Colorado, is a vibrant community despite what time of the year it is. Located just 9 miles from Aspen, CO, Snowmass offers both winter snow sports as well as a variety of summer activities, including mountain biking. 

While visitors are engaging in their active sporting activities, they can also participate in the Snowmass Mountain Mission, which is a self-guided exploration of Snowmass Village hosted on the Eventzee scavenger hunt app

Participants get to compete for great prizes, while still learning about history, visiting local businesses, and checking out the best scenic spots the village has to offer. And one of the best parts of the entire event is that Snowmass Tourism continues to host it despite the time of year.

Turquoise Place Activity Scavenger Hunt App

Turquoise Place is an upscale beachfront resort in Orange Beach, Alabama, that offers premium vacation rentals and amenities. While Turquoise Place may not suffer from the lack of year-round beautiful weather, their scavenger hunt challenge, hosted on the Eventzee scavenger hunt app, is a great way to engage visitors all year round. 

The hunt, which is free to participate in, has guests solving riddles and other challenges throughout the resorts. It’s great for all ages, and allows players to earn prizes as they explore the beautiful beaches of the resort! 

Not only is this event perfect for making sure guests find all the picture-perfect places throughout the resort, but it also ensures that guests may be stumbling upon places in the hotel that they may not have otherwise experienced. 

The Eventzee scavenger hunt app is utilized throughout many cities, zoos, sports stadiums, farms, and more, and is the perfect addition to any type of tourist attraction! For more information and to get in touch, contact Craig Holland, sales@eventzeeapp.com.

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