Scavenger hunts have always been a fun way to interact with others and support camaraderie, but we’ve moved past the limitations of pen and paper. Eventzee takes scavenger hunts to a whole new level by supporting worldwide events and new ways to interact with players. While Eventzee makes it easy to host your own scavenger hunt, it’s up to YOU to make it memorable. So if you’re considering putting on your own, here’s a few tips to get you started.

So you’ve set up your hunt, everyone has signed up and the event is about to kick off. Next thing you know hundreds of photos are flying in and you somehow have to keep up and approve them all. What to do? Luckily, Eventzee makes photo approval quick with our easy-to-use admin tools.

The event Dashboard is a great place to check on leaderboards, messages and submitted photos. There are direct links to player accounts, the clue list and more so you can effectively run your hunt. You can see all of the photos that come in, and approve or deny them here as well.

Screenshot 2016-03-15 12.35.28

The Event Dashboard Page

Photo Review
Although the Dashboard is a great page to call home base for your event, we highly suggest using the Photo Review page for the actual approval process. Although you can approve from the event Dashboard, Photo Review displays the photos anonymously so there won’t be a bias when approving.

Screenshot 2016-03-15 12.35.48

The Photo Review Page

Clue List
Sometimes it’s not so easy to memorize 20 clues word for word so we suggest having a tab open with the clue list. This way if you’re uncertain whether a photo qualifies or not
you can quickly view exactly what the clues is asking for. You can also edit clues from this page in case wording seems confusing for your players.

Screenshot 2016-03-15 14.25.17

The Clue List Page

Clue Timeline
Happen to have more than one approver? Break approval up by clues by clicking on a particular clue. This is also where you can change whether a photo is supposed to be approved or denied in case of a mistake or a dispute. Just click on a particular clue to see the timeline of approvals and denials. To change it just click the correct icon and the image will update.

Screenshot 2016-03-15 14.38.06

A Clue Timeline Page

Player Timeline
As you’re approving it can be easy to get into a groove and accidentally accept or decline a photo that shouldn’t be. So when a player messages you, you can go check that in that particular player’s timeline. Just click on the player’s name to access this page.

Screenshot 2016-03-15 14.41.17

A Player Timeline Page

Hosting your own scavenger hunt can be daunting at times, but Eventzee makes it easy to create and control the event.

Remember, your event is what you make it, but Eventzee is here to make it as easy on you as possible. To get a more in depth look at setting up Eventzee hunts or how to play Eventzee check out the following guides.

Now that you have some ideas about how to start your Eventzee scavenger hunt, go out and make it happen! If you’re interested in hosting an Eventzee event, sponsoring an official Eventzee photo hunt or just curious about what we can do, contact us at