Announcing Munzee Birthday Photo Hunt!

Announcing Munzee Birthday Photo Hunt!

EventzeeBirthdayIn lieu of the Weekend Warriors 17 hunt we’re celebrating Munzee’s 4th Birthday by hosting a Munzee-themed photo hunt! Play for the chance to win Munzee prize packs and an exclusive Munzee Birthday Badge. The badge will be awarded to anyone who completes at least one clue in the Eventzee hunt. All of the clues for this hunt will be Munzee-themed, so prepare to get creative! Happy Birthday Munzee!

To celebrate four full years of dedication, we’re giving players four full days to play. This weekend’s hunt will run from Thursday at 3 PM CST until Monday at 3 PM CST. Clues will be released all at once on Thursday. This isn’t your run of the mill photo scavenger hunt though. Since the stakes are so big we’re awarding multiple prize packs.

Our first place winner (based on completion and time) will get:

  • 5 Mystery Virtual Munzees
  • 5 Color Credits
  • 2 Blast Caps
  • A 25% off Coupon Code for the Munzee Store
  • Free 1-month Munzpak subscription

Second place will get:

  • 10 virtual Munzees
  • 2 Blast Caps
  • A 15% off Coupon Code for the Munzee Store

Third Place will get:

  • 5 virtual Munzees
  • 1 Blast Cap
  • a 10% off Coupon Code for the Munzee Store

We will also award the person who has the most photos submitted to the gallery. This may be subjective based on the admins, but remember that all photos are approved anonymously so we won’t know who has been added to the gallery until the end. These are based on creativity, so feel free to take your time submitting.

The person with the most photos in the gallery will get:

  • 10 Mystery Virtual Munzees
  • 3 Blast Caps
  • A 25% off Coupon Code for the Munzee Store
  • Free personal Eventzee hunt
Announcing Munzee Birthday Photo Hunt!

Weekend Warriors: Week 16 Public Photo Hunt Clues

WW16Due to the American Independence holiday weekend the free photo scavenger hunt has been extended to midnight CST on Sunday. To celebrate Eventzee’s home nation, five of our clues are American Pride themed, but we have made sure that anyone worldwide can still submit these themed clues. Remember that creativity is key!

Your photo will be either approved or rejected by our admin staff. Be sure to check the cumulative leaderboard so you can see how well you’re doing and remember that tiebreakers are based on the amount of time it takes your to finish all the clues! This is also a good opportunity to start submitting more photos and earning more points because these cumulative scores will now get you even more Badges in the Eventzee app! Let the hunt begin!

NOTE: Unless the clue asks for something that would need a pic of another phone, webpage, etc. NO SCREENSHOTS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

  • Stars and Stripes – Find two or more items- one with stars and one with stripes. Flags do not count- Too easy.
  • Red, White and Blue – Wear something red, white and blue. Must include all 3 colors in outfit.
  • Nation’s Pride – Wear something that represents your home country- even if it’s not America.
  • 4th Four – Find 4 distinct uses of the number four. Be creative.
  • America, The Beautiful – Represent the United States in a fun, creative way.
  • Alphabet Soup- H – Find something that starts with the letter H.
  • Picnic – Go have a picnic outside.
  • Chummy Chalkboard – Find a unique chalkboard sign outside of a restaurant or bar.
  • #ThrowBackThursday – Share a past pic at a sporting event.
  • Furry Foundation – Take a selfie at a local pet rescue, animal hospital, pet store, etc.
  • Going Postal – Find a mailbox in the real world.
  • Slip and Slide – Take a pic at a public pool, water park, water slide, etc. Must be in public- private pools won’t be counted.
  • Lawn Art – Whether it’s Gnomes, birdfeeders or fountains, find art in a yard.
  • Water War – Lock and load with water balloons and squirt guns!
  • Alternative Alterations – Tie dye shirt? Cut off jean shorts? Show off an article of clothing that has been altered.