Another Weekend Warriors free photo scavenger hunt has started! 15 clues will be live until the hunt ends on Sunday at 3 PM CST. Your photo will be either approved or rejected by our admin staff. Be sure to check the cumulative leaderboard so you can see how well you’re doing and remember that tiebreakers are based on the amount of time it takes your to finish all the clues!

We have released a new update which changes the ways you can join hunts, so just use the code “WW79” after you login.


The more photos you submit, the more badges you’ll earn for a variety of achievements. To see the Eventzee Badge List CLICK HERE. To see if your photos have been added to the gallery visit Let the hunt begin!

  • #ThrowbackThursday -Upload a photo of a historical figure that was born between September 29th and October 2nd.
  • All Jacked Up -Take a photo of a car jack.
  • Bullseye -Take a picture playing darts somewhere. You must be actually playing darts.
  • Burst Your Bubble – Creatively represent blowing bubbles WITHOUT actually using bubbles.
  • Complimentary -Take a photo of two colorful objects that are opposite on the color wheel.
  • Hangman – We’ve all played the word guessing game, but up the stakes a bit and creatively represent playing the game in real life. NOTE: Please don’t actually hang anyone.
  • Home of History -Take a picture at a museum.
  • I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghosts – Creatively represent how you capture a ghost.
  • Ice Sculpture – Winter will be here before we know it, so practice your ice sculpture skills. Bust out the chainsaws and get to work! Not really, please don’t use chainsaws. Be creative!
  • Joy for Java -September 29th is National Coffee Day, show us your favorite way to drink coffee.
  • Literary Liberation – Creatively represent your favorite book that has been banned or censored at some point in history.
  • Playground Paradise -Take a photo having the time of your life at a public playground or park.
  • Powerless Power Tool -Take a picture of a tool that doesn’t need electricity to be used.
  • Create the letter “M” using items that begin with the letter “M”. Must be legible.
  • To The Brim -Take a picture wearing a wide brimmed hat.