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Another Weekend Warriors free photo scavenger hunt has started! 15 clues will be live until the hunt ends on Sunday at 3 PM CST. Your photo will be either approved or rejected by our admin staff. Be sure to check the cumulative leaderboard so you can see how well you’re doing and remember that tiebreakers are based on the amount of time it takes your to finish all the clues!

We just released the new Clockstoppers line of badges as well as an extension of the Pioneers of Gold and Photographer lines, so be sure you plan out your submissions! The more photos you submit, the more badges you’ll earn for a variety of achievements. To see the Eventzee Badge List CLICK HERE.

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  • #ThrowBackThursday – Share a past pic wearing an embarrassing outfit you’d never wear again.
  • DIY Bow Tie – Create a bowtie out of some material other than fabric.
  • Fix Yer Flat – Take a photo of a car tire that is not attached to a car.
  • Hightop Hotel – Take a photo of a treehouse.
  • Hovering Hobbies – Astronaut Scott Kelly just returned from a year in space. Creatively represent what you would do to keep busy in space for a year. Be creative!
  • I Spy- M – Find the letter “M” formed in architecture, nature, etc.
  • Lone Star State – Wednesday was Texas Independence Day so take a photo of a single Star.
  • Novel Namesake – It’s World Book Day in the UK and Ireland, so share a photo dressed up as your favorite book character. Be sure to include the name of the character and the book title in the photo.
  • Photo Booth – We just released new Photographer badges! To celebrate take a photo of a photo booth or creatively represent one!
  • Recreational Vehicle – Take a photo of a mobile home or RV.
  • Riddle Me This – Take a photo of the answer: I have a needle, but I can’t sew. I sometimes have scales, but I can’t swim. I have NEWS, but I’m not a TV.
  • Take A Number – Take a photo of waiting in a line of 4 or more people.
  • Treat Your Self – Creatively represent a day at the spa.
  • Wooden Walkway – Take a photo of a home with hardwood floors.
  • Would you rather… – … be able to fly or read people’s minds? Creatively represent your choice!