Another Weekend Warriors free photo scavenger hunt has started! 15 clues will be live until the hunt ends on Sunday at 3 PM CST. Your photo will be either approved or rejected by our admin staff. Be sure to check the cumulative leaderboard so you can see how well you’re doing and remember that tiebreakers are based on the amount of time it takes your to finish all the clues!

The more photos you submit, the more badges you’ll earn for a variety of achievements. To see the Eventzee Badge List CLICK HERE. To see if your photos have been added to the gallery visit Let the hunt begin!

To join the hunt just use the code “WW181” after you login.

  • #ThrowbackThursday – We all go through fads and trends. Upload a picture of something that you used to love that might embarrass you now.
  • Canned – Take a picture of a canned food.
  • Captures Challenge – Week 14 – Hands have their own language, what do yours say? Take a picture of someone’s hands.
  • Daily Shuffle – Creatively represent something in your life you’d like to “swap” with someone else.
  • Geriatric Game – Take a picture of a gaming console that was made before the year 2000.
  • Kid in the Kitchen – Creatively represent a child getting into things in the kitchen.
  • Lean Cuisine – Take a photo of a frozen TV dinner.
  • Manual Manhandling – Take a photo inside of a car with stick shift.
  • Play-Duh – Craft us something out of clay or Play-Doh.
  • Pool Shark – Take a photo of a billiards/pool table.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Take a picture of a garbage bin or recycling bin in public.
  • Spice World – Take a picture of a unique spice or seasoning.
  • Stick That Landing – Creatively represent performing in gymnastics.
  • They Lived Happily Ever After – Creatively represent a happy ending to a story.
  • Would You Rather… – Create a new holiday or a new language? Creatively represent your choice!