Another Weekend Warriors free photo scavenger hunt has started! 15 clues will be live until the hunt ends on Sunday at 3 PM CST. Your photo will be either approved or rejected by our admin staff. Be sure to check the cumulative leaderboard so you can see how well you’re doing and remember that tiebreakers are based on the amount of time it takes your to finish all the clues!

The more photos you submit, the more badges you’ll earn for a variety of achievements. To see the Eventzee Badge List CLICK HERE. To see if your photos have been added to the gallery visit Let the hunt begin!

We have released a new update which changes the ways you can join hunts, so just use the code “WW121    ” after you login.

  • 🙂 <3 XD – Creatively represent your favorite emoji. Be sure to include the original emoji in the picture.
  • Alphabet Soup – Find something that starts with the letter F.
  • Collectors Collection – Take a picture of a classic car. Be sure to include the year of the car in the picture.
  • Cowpoke – Creatively represent what you think a cowboy looks like.
  • For Here or To Go? – Take a photo ordering something from the drive-thru at a restaurant. Tell your cashier to smile!
  • Hamilton Day – What can you buy for $10?
  • Heterochromia – Creatively represent having two different colored eyes.
  • I Scream, You Scream – Hail down an ice cream truck for a cool treat. Don’t have an ice cream truck in your town? Feel free to get creative.
  • Paper or Plastic? – Creatively represent repurposing a paper bag.
  • Questioning Equestrian – Creatively represent riding a large animal.
  • Shock Tart – Take a picture of a food or drink that is sour.
  • Side of Fries – How do you prefer your french fries? Traditional? Curly? Crinkle? Enjoy your snack and snap a pic!
  • Sights to be Seen – Take a picture of a brochure for a local event.
  • Trash to Treasure – Take a picture at a second hand shopping store.
  • Wrong Way Corrigan – Take a picture of a street sign that says Wrong Way.