The time has come for another Weekend Warrior free photo scavenger hunt! After last weekend’s extra long and extra busy hunt, we’re bringing it back to the basics again this weekend. 15 clues will be live from Thursday until Sunday at 3 PM CST. Your photo will be either approved or rejected, and bonus points are no more. be sure to check the cumulative leaderboard so you can see how well you’re doing and remember that tiebreakers are based on how quickly you finish the hunt!

This is also a good opportunity to start submitting more photos and earning more points because these cumulative scores will now get you Badges in the Eventzee app! Let the hunt begin!

  • 52 Card Pick Up – Better pick up all those cards before the dealer finds out…
  • Rule of Thumb – Take a pic measuring something with your thumb.
  • Drink Like A Fish – Have a glass of water and a fish-themed snack (Goldfish, Swedish Fish, Etc.)
  • Chip On Your Shoulder – Literal translations are always fun.
  • #ThrowBackThursday – Show a past pic with your best friend.
  • Park N’Play – Go to a park and play on the swings.
  • Town Hall – Take a selfie outside of an official government building.
  • H20 Hotspot – Take a pic in a natural body of water. Pools and tubs don’t count.
  • Infamous Inferno – Start a fire in a fire pit, campsite, bonfire. Must be outside.
  • Alphabet Soup-D – Find something that starts with the letter D.
  • Charades – Act out a film, song, or book. Include the answer somewhere in your photo.
  • Travel Guide – Show us a brochure of your hometown.
  • Salt and Pepper – Push it real good.
  • Bearded Lady or Lady Beard – If you’re a gal, draw on a beard. If you’re a guy, pretty up your beard a bit.
  • Pizza Picasso – Add a little artistic flare to a pizza. Be creative.