Eventzee was honoured to go to battle at Warhammer Fest 2023, a huge tabletop wargames convention, that saw thousands of fans gather to celebrate all things Warhammer. Among the activities on offer was an immersive scavenger hunt experience realised through the power of Eventzee. 

Hosted by Games Workshop, the manufacturer of Warhammer and a variety of other tabletop games, the biggest official Warhammer event of 2023 took place at Manchester Central Convention Complex in England where attendees found themselves exploring a variety of areas dedicated to different event activities. The 3 day event included live previews, tournament areas, a board game cafe, and of course a scavenger hunt.

Eventzee enhanced the Warhammer Fest experience by introducing a scavenger hunt where players could interact with real world set pieces and locate hidden QR codes throughout the convention complex. Within Eventzee’s powerful scavenger hunt app, Games Workshop was able to craft an immersive experience over the course of three days. 

Numerous factions do battle in the Warhammer universe, and the scavenger hunt was themed around two of these. Scavenger hunt players had to choose their allegiance: either the  the uncompromising human Imperium, or the alien-worshipping Brotherhood Cultists. Based on the players’ allegiance, they participated in unique challenges throughout the Eventzee-based portion of the Warhammer event. Each player was tasked with locating 10 QR code challenges per day at the venue, which were hidden among impressive, lifesize recreations of some of the game’s well known settings.

The unique props and interactive set pieces were brought to life by EPH Creative, an event prop designing group who truly took Eventzee to new heights. Players had to traverse the interactive settings and hunt down the QR codes, which were sneakily hidden among armoury lockers, chemical pits, and battleground debris. This combination of physical props and digital gameplay was a unique new experience that proved a hit with the thousands of players who took part.

With each completed day within the Eventzee app, the players earned 1 piece of a 3 part badge. If players were dedicated enough to earn all three pieces by the end of the weekend, they were rewarded with a unique metal event pin bringing together all 3 pieces to create one pin badge. The highly sought after real world prize was a badge of honour for the players that completed the hunt.

The Games Workshop team created one of the most unique events that Eventzee has ever taken part in. Offering a high-value prize, such as the unique event pin badge, encouraged thousands of players to jump into the scavenger hunt app event. Thousands of attendees participated in completing the challenge! 

Warhammer Fest 2023 utilised the Eventzee scavenger hunt app to engage attendees with the event on a different level, exploring all parts of the venue, interacting with displays, and engaging with other event attendees. Thank you to Games Workshop and EPH Creative for making this event a truly memorable experience for everyone involved.