There’s no doubt that community events have changed since the beginning of the pandemic. And while we’re on our way to regaining some or our normalcy, hybrid options for in-person and at-home events are the perfect way to make sure you keep your community engaged and having fun!

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your usual Halloween activities, or for a way for people to participate in the Halloween spirit from the comfort of their homes, Eventzee is ready to make this Halloween the best one yet for your community!

Playing in Person


Trick or Treat on the Street

Many towns have trick or treat options that involve local businesses, shops, and vendors. If your downtown is hosting an in-person trick or treat this year, let participants engage with the event on another level by using Eventzee’s scavenger hunt app.

Owners of shops and businesses can make it even more enticing by offering discounts to those who are participating in the event. For every location the participants visit, they can scan a QR code or submit pictures to earn points towards a prize!

Last year, Downtown Jacksonville, FL, launched a Halloweek event with the goal of bringing people back to the downtown area to engage with the local businesses. The hunt involved scanning at least 10 QR codes from participating businesses, and anyone who completed that challenge was awarded a $20 #DTJax e-Gift Card from the downtown association. With the event being a hit, it’s soon to begin again in the next few weeks.

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt in Town

One classic use of the Eventzee scavenger hunt app is to host a scavenger hunt in your town or community. Give clues to certain town-based landmarks, have people pose at their favorite shops and restaurants, and more!

For Halloween, use this type of hunt for a maze of haunted houses! Eventzee’s map feature can guide participants through a maze of different haunted locations. The more locations they visit and submit, the more points they’ll receive!


Tricky riddles for treats!

For a more advanced scavenger hunt option, engage your participants in a hunt full of spooky, tricky riddles! While playing in teams or individually, participants will have to decode messages and figure out the meaning behind the clues you put in place. 


Playing from Home 


Submit a Spooky Story

How creative are your participants? Have them engage with the spooky season to create their own haunted story. You can make them write the story based off of a place in your downtown or community, or just let them use their imagination!

As a bonus, give extra points to those who submit their stories as a video. Have them either act it out, or tell it campfire-style!

Throwbacks! Submit Pics of Costumes from Years Past

Halloween costumes have certainly changed over the years! Have participants submit pictures of themselves from Halloween’s past. For an extra twist, award a lot of points to an individual or team who can recreate the costume from stuff they have around the house!

We love throwback pics so much that this was a clue on one of our previous Weekend Warrior hunts! If you’re looking for more creative clues, you can find out our other Halloween Weekend Warrior hunts on our website!

Pumpkin Carving Contests from Home

A classic October activity – ask participants to carve their most creative pumpkin and submit a photo to the app! 

Be sure to tell them ahead of time that they’ll need a pumpkin. Or, if you’d rather throw a silly twist to the traditional fun, tell participants to make a jack-o-lantern from a fruit or veggie that’s not a pumpkin!

Make it Sweet

Trick or treaters may be coming soon! Have participants gather all the candy they can find around the house and submit a photo of it! The participant with the most candy, or the most different types of candy, gets the most points! 

No matter what kind of fun you’re having this Halloween season, Eventzee’s scavenger hunt app is here to make it the best event yet, whether hybrid, in-person, or remote. For more information and to get in touch, contact Craig Holland,