Flat Bob’s adventures are nearing their end! This is the final set of clues for the Adventure of Flat Bob. This contest will end Friday at 2pm CST.

Remember, each player will receive one opportunity to submit each picture. All pictures will be approved. If picture is completely wrong it will receive zero points. Bonus points available for unique and creative photos. Families playing together on separate accounts must use different “Bob” for each account. This contest will end Friday at 2pm CST, new clues will be released daily and you have all week to complete them. Clues will only be approved several times daily.

You can print the full page pdf of Flat Bob HERE.


  1. Place Saver- As a bookmark
  2. Pearly Whites- Brushing his teeth
  3. Paper or Plastic?- Buying groceries
  4. Taking a dip- Swimming
  5. Best Of Best- Receiving an award