Eventzee Exposure: Penn State Wellness Scavenger Race

Eventzee Exposure: Penn State Wellness Scavenger Race

In “Eventzee Exposure” we look at testimonials from happy clients who have hosted their own Scavenger Hunts. Our users’ experience is very important to us, so when things go off without a hitch we want to cheer about it. If you’d be interested in sharing your Eventzee experience please reach out to eventzee@munzee.com.

Event Host/Company: Penn State University (Harrisburg Campus)

Event Name: Wellness Scavenger Race

Event Breakdown:

Eventzee was used for a wellness event that emphasized fun and Penn State University history. The event was held on campus during common period, a 2-hour time frame when no classes are scheduled on Tues/Thurs. The clues and tasks were placed all throughout campus for students to complete within the set time frame.

Overall Experience:

“The feedback was very positive. All expressed interest in attending next year, as we want to make this an annual event. I believe mostly the app added fun to the process. Most students took it very seriously and were quite competitive. Hopefully it also helped increase awareness of our services and tips on maintaining/improving wellness.”

Clue Examples:

Photo Clues:

“Snap” the Rooster- Rooster Cogburn was a cowboy that used to drink too much and would “drunk ride” his horse home. Now he uses Uber, and is waiting for his ride in a very accessible area of Olmsted. Find Rooster and take your most creative “horse-riding” picture with him while he waits!

Hail To The Lion!- We Are!…all about the Lion. Head to the Lion Shrine and take your most creative and silly selfie or team pic to be shared at the end of the race.

Quiz Clues:

Beast Mode- Go to the Fitness room and compute the following math problem: Number of treadmills + number of stationary bikes – number of fire extinguishers + number of row machines = ?

Game Day- From billiards to Foosball, students can unwind AND lay some smack on their friends at the games available in the SEC. According to the U.S. Air Hockey Association, how many points does it take to win an air hockey match?

Photo Examples:

Announcing Eventzee EDU!

Announcing Eventzee EDU!

Every student learns differently, but all can make use of the fun and unique learning experience of our new Eventzee EDU program. Digital Scavenger Hunts combine effective use of technology with higher level questioning while engaging students in fun, creative ways.

Bring the classroom into the real world with our new Eventzee EDU program!

  • Formative Assessment with instant feedback for teachers.
  • Engage students in making real world connections to curriculum.
  • Creates active learners.

Interested? Contact us at Eventzee@Munzee.com for more info!


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Photo hunts can surge creativity and encourage positive interactions between classmates, while QR Code hunts can drive students to certain locations and test their knowledge with quiz functions. Bring excitement back to education with Eventzee EDU.

Integrate technology into your classroom to help enhance education and encourage passion in learning. Students of all ages know their way around tablets, smartphones and computers- sometimes more so than their teachers. So it’s up to you as the educator to combine technology and textbooks to offer unique learning opportunities in the classroom.


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As education develops digitally there are reasonable risks that come with it. At Eventzee we understand that the focus on student information and privacy is of utmost importance. We work hard to make this program fun, customizable, and most importantly, safe for all ages by putting control in the hands of educators.

For more info look into our updated Eventzee EDU clause in our Privacy Policies.

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Students already spend a large portion of their time playing interactive games on a variety of devices, so use this interest to enhance their education. Class is already back in session so don’t waste any time- bring Eventzee EDU to your school!