Birthday Bash in Denver, CO!

Birthday Bash in Denver, CO!

Let the festivities begin! This weekend marks Munzee’s 5th Birthday and members of Team Munzee and Eventzee are celebrating in Denver, CO. We have Eventzee scavenger hunts all week in CO for those who are in attendance where you can earn a variety of badges and hang out with MHQ. Be sure to find EventCzar Dylan to join the hunts throughout the week!

Denver Weekend Hunt- All weekend
Join our weekend-long photo scavenger hunt to earn the Uncle Rob badge and celebrate America’s independence. Starting Thursday at 7 PM CST, you’ll have all weekend to find these 4th of July themed clues. Remember to be creative and wear lots of red, white and blue!
UncleRob_720MunzBrews- Thursday, June 30th: 7-10 PM

Join Team Munzee at the Prost Brewery for an evening of Bavarian Beer drinking to kickoff the Birthday Bash festivities. Complete at least one clue in this hunt to earn the exclusive badge! Have a beer or three with MHQ to earn a lifetime of memories! EventzeeBrew_720

Golden Times in Golden, CO- Friday, July 1st: 4-9 PM
Join MHQ in glorious Golden, CO for an evening of Scavenger Hunts galore. This photo scavenger hunt will take you throughout the city of Golden to explore and interact. As always, be creative and have fun!GoldenBadge_720High Fives for Munzee’s 5th- Saturday, July 2nd: 4-9 PM
It’s Munzee’s 5th Birthday Party! Celebrate and join our Eventzee photo scavenger hunt for a chance to earn an exclusive Eventzee badge. Be prepared to snack on some hiking fiesta food, high five CoachV and much more!

High5_720Geowoodstock XIV- Sunday, July 3rd: 2 PM
Word on the street is there is another big geolocational celebration going on… There is tons of fun to be had at Geowoodstock XIV, so be sure to take part in one of many scavenger hunts going on this weekend. Find the guys in the crazy suits to join! eVANtzeeRetro_720

NOTE: An error in an email has said that the “High-Fives for Munzee’s 5th” event is all weekend long. This is incorrect- this event is Saturday from 4-9 PM. 

Birthday Bash in Denver, CO!

Apply to be a Guest Admin!

UncleRob (1)We need YOU!
To approve Eventzee photos.

We are formally requesting applications for guest Eventzee admins for our worldwide scavenger hunts. The Eventzee staff will be out of town the first weekend of July at Munzee’s Birthday Bash in Denver, CO. We’ll be super busy hosting a number of photo scavenger hunts that weekend so we are looking for help to run the Weekend Warriors free photo scavenger hunt.

For those interested we ask that you email answering the questionnaire listed below. Please include “Eventzee Guest Admin” in the subject line. Depending on the number of applicants we will decide how to move forward with this program and future uses for guest admins.

Due to the importance of the role, we are requiring that all applicants have run their own Eventzee hunt at least once prior to applying.

Thank you to all of our players for the support! We look forward to growing the game!


Where do you live?

Have you run an Eventzee photo scavenger hunt before? If so, what was the name of the hunt?

What were some of the biggest struggles you faced when hosting your photo hunt?

Looking back, what would you do differently when running your photo hunt?

When approving photos what do you look for?

When adding photos to the gallery what do you look for?

What are 3 telling signs that a submitted photo is a screenshot?

What makes you stand out among other applicants as an Eventzee Guest Admin?

Are you free between Thursday June 30th through Sunday July 3rd?


Birthday Bash in Denver, CO!

Weekend Warriors: Week 20 Public Photo Hunt Clues

Scan this code in the Eventzee app to join the hunt!

Scan this code in the Eventzee app to join the hunt!

Another Weekend Warriors free photo scavenger hunt has started! 15 clues will be live until the hunt ends on Sunday at 3 PM CST. Your photo will be either approved or rejected by our admin staff. Be sure to check the cumulative leaderboard so you can see how well you’re doing and remember that tiebreakers are based on the amount of time it takes your to finish all the clues! This is also a good opportunity to start submitting more photos and earning more points because these cumulative scores will now get you even more Badges in the Eventzee app! Let the hunt begin!

  • Fork in the Road- Get a bit literal and place an actual fork at a fork in the road.
  • House of Faith- Take a picture outside any church, temple, mosque or religious establishment.
  • Sprint Session- Take a picture in workout clothing at a track.
  • Marquee Mark- What’s playing this week? Take a picture of a theater marquee sign.
  • Classic Car- Find an automobile that’s notably older than 1990.
  • #ThrowBackThursday- Wedding season is in full swing! Show a past pic of yourself at a friend or family member’s special day.
  • White-Out- Wear an entirely white outfit.
  • Alphabet Soup- K- Find something that starts with the letter K.
  • High Fashion Model- Do your best impersonation of a model on the Cat Walk.
  • Lemonhead- Pucker up and bite down on a lemon. Sour selfie to prove it.
  • Flower Power- Creatively design a crown of flowers and model it for us.
  • Trois Treats- Prepare a 3 ingredient dessert, must display the three ingredients as well as final product.
  • Early Bird Gets The Worm- Creatively showcase your morning rituals.
  • Carnival Games- Ring the Bell? Knock over the Milk Bottles? Creatively represent playing a carnival game.
  • Dare Devil- Channel your inner adrenaline junkie in a creative way. Do not put you or anyone else in any real danger PLEASE BE SAFE.
Birthday Bash in Denver, CO!

Munzee Birthday Photo Hunt Clues Are Live!

EventzeeBirthdayIn celebration of Munzee’s 4th Birthday we’re hosting a Munzee-themed photo hunt! Play for the chance to win Munzee virtual prize packs and an exclusive Munzee Birthday Badge. The badge will be awarded to anyone who completes at least one clue in the Eventzee hunt. All of the clues for this hunt will be Munzee-themed, so prepare to get creative!

To celebrate four full years of dedication, we’re giving players four full days to play. This weekend’s hunt will run from Thursday at 3 PM CST until Monday at 3 PM CST. Clues will be released all at once on Thursday.

Clues are broken down into 3 Groups:

  • Munzee Types- 14 points each, these submissions will depict different Munzee types. We want to see creative representations of Munzees so actual game pieces will not be accepted.
  • Munzee Locations- 24 points each, these submissions are meant to get you out in the real world to find specific Munzees. All of your submissions must be deployed so no one can accidentally scan it before you can.
  • Munzee Birthdays- 44 Points Each, with these submissions we want you to get creative and represent Munzee Birthdays past and present.

Munzee Types- 14 points each

  • Jeweler-Find something to represent a any of the Jewel Munzees.
  • Detective- Find something to represent a Mystery Munzee.
  • Veterinarian- Find something to represent a Rover Munzee.
  • Warrior- Find something to represent any of the Clan War Weapon Munzees.
  • Bellhop- Find something to represent a Hotel or Motel Munzee.

Munzee Locations- 24 points each

  • Hidden In Plain Sight- Take a pic of an Urban Camo Munzee in the real world.
  • I’ve Got The Blues- Take a pic of a Mystery Munzee in the real world.
  • Bright and Shiny- Take a pic of a physical ruby, diamond or topaz sticker in the real world.
  • Tag, Your’e It! – Find a Trail Tag Munzee in the real world.
  • Socialize- Take a pic of a Social Munzee- screenshots will be accepted.

Birthday Munzee- 44 Points Each

  • Make A Wish- Blowout a candle.
  • Party Favors- Design and wear a Munzee-themed birthday hat.
  • Rob and Bob- Print out two Flat Bob PDFs from the blog and decorate them accordingly.
  • Fiesta- Swing at a Piñata.
  • Slice of Life- Chow down on four slices of cake.

Click here to download the full page Flat Bob PDF!