“The Adventures of Flat Bob” Public Photo Hunt: Clues 16-20

“The Adventures of Flat Bob” Public Photo Hunt: Clues 16-20

Flat Bob’s adventures continue! Today Bob is checking out a few different professions- it’s not easy deciding on a new career! Help Bob give these jobs a trial run.

Remember, each player will receive one opportunity to submit each picture. All pictures will be approved. If picture is completely wrong it will receive zero points. Bonus points available for unique and creative photos. Families playing together on separate accounts must use different “Bob” for each account. This contest will end Friday at 2pm CST, new clues will be released daily and you have all week to complete them. Clues will only be approved several times daily.

You can print the full page pdf of Flat Bob HERE.

Thursday: Working Hard

  1. E-I-E-I-O- On the farm
  2. A La Carte- as a chef
  3. Atten-hut!- In the military
  4. Rock On!- As a rockstar
  5. Arggggh!- As a pirate
“The Adventures of Flat Bob” Public Photo Hunt: Clues 16-20

The Adventures of Flat Bob!

We’re proud to announce that the next Eventzee Free Photo Hunt will feature the one and only Flat Stanley Bob! As President of Eventzee it’s important for Bob to know his players and ideally he’d love to visit you all. Unfortunately he’s a busy man, so he’s sending a more two-dimensional version of himself.

You might remember Flat Stanley from grade school, but if not here’s the rundown: Flat Stanley was a children’s book published by Jeff Brown in 1964. In the mid 90s a popular campaign started where elementary school students would send a cutout of “Flat Stanley” to relatives or friends across the world who would then document Stanley’s adventures.

We loved the idea of sending our own Flat Bob on his own adventures so we want to see where you take him! Starting on Monday clues will be released that include snapping pics with Bob in various situations. Some will include dressing him up, other taking him places, but all involving him. It should be noted that Flat Bob tends to take his adventures to the extreme though, so you may need to have a few more copies on hand. Below you will find a Flat Bob cutout you print out and decorate. We’d love to see your Bobs, so tag @Eventzee on social media with #FlatBob so we can find him!
Click here to download the full page Flat Bob PDF!