Munzee Birthday Photo Hunt Clues Are Live!

Munzee Birthday Photo Hunt Clues Are Live!

EventzeeBirthdayIn celebration of Munzee’s 4th Birthday we’re hosting a Munzee-themed photo hunt! Play for the chance to win Munzee virtual prize packs and an exclusive Munzee Birthday Badge. The badge will be awarded to anyone who completes at least one clue in the Eventzee hunt. All of the clues for this hunt will be Munzee-themed, so prepare to get creative!

To celebrate four full years of dedication, we’re giving players four full days to play. This weekend’s hunt will run from Thursday at 3 PM CST until Monday at 3 PM CST. Clues will be released all at once on Thursday.

Clues are broken down into 3 Groups:

  • Munzee Types- 14 points each, these submissions will depict different Munzee types. We want to see creative representations of Munzees so actual game pieces will not be accepted.
  • Munzee Locations- 24 points each, these submissions are meant to get you out in the real world to find specific Munzees. All of your submissions must be deployed so no one can accidentally scan it before you can.
  • Munzee Birthdays- 44 Points Each, with these submissions we want you to get creative and represent Munzee Birthdays past and present.

Munzee Types- 14 points each

  • Jeweler-Find something to represent a any of the Jewel Munzees.
  • Detective- Find something to represent a Mystery Munzee.
  • Veterinarian- Find something to represent a Rover Munzee.
  • Warrior- Find something to represent any of the Clan War Weapon Munzees.
  • Bellhop- Find something to represent a Hotel or Motel Munzee.

Munzee Locations- 24 points each

  • Hidden In Plain Sight- Take a pic of an Urban Camo Munzee in the real world.
  • I’ve Got The Blues- Take a pic of a Mystery Munzee in the real world.
  • Bright and Shiny- Take a pic of a physical ruby, diamond or topaz sticker in the real world.
  • Tag, Your’e It! – Find a Trail Tag Munzee in the real world.
  • Socialize- Take a pic of a Social Munzee- screenshots will be accepted.

Birthday Munzee- 44 Points Each

  • Make A Wish- Blowout a candle.
  • Party Favors- Design and wear a Munzee-themed birthday hat.
  • Rob and Bob- Print out two Flat Bob PDFs from the blog and decorate them accordingly.
  • Fiesta- Swing at a Piñata.
  • Slice of Life- Chow down on four slices of cake.

Click here to download the full page Flat Bob PDF!