PremiumLogoEventzee’s “Oktoberfest” Premium Photo Scavenger Hunt has begun! The players who have joined will have until Thursday at 3 PM CST to submit all 15 clues. Per usual, no screenshots will be accepted and your photo will either be approved or denied by our admins. Thank you to everyone who joined, and good luck!

Remember, you earn a badge just for joining the event and another if you complete all of the clues!

CLICK HERE to download the Flat Rob PDF. 

It’s not too late to sign up though! Just go to the following link to join today! 

  • Wohnung Rob – Print out the PDF of Flat Rob and take some photos of him enjoying an Oktoberfest activity. You can find the Flat Rob printout on the Eventzee blog.
  • Bavarian Brew -Take a photo of a specifically packaged Oktoberfest beer. NOTE: You do not have to drink it, but it must be obvious that it is an Oktoberfest brew.
  • Bell of the Ball -German bell rings are truly a sight to behold (and hear). Take a photo of a metal bell of some sort.
  • Biergarten – Creatively represent the term “Beer Garden” and take a photo.
  • Bold Bavarians -Take a photo of something that has the Bavarian flag pattern on it.
  • Bratty Brats -Chow down on some Bratwurst . Don’t forget the sauerkraut!
  • Follow The Leder – Get creative and fashion a pair of lederhosen breeches.
  • German Heritage -Take a photo of someone of German heritage. Be sure to have their last name written somewhere in the photo.
  • Hot Dogs – Dachshund dogs are of German origin and racing the pups has become a bit of a (mostly American) Oktoberfest tradition. To celebrate the wonderful wiener dogs, take a photo of one or something relating to one.
  • I Came, I Saw, I Conquered – Another unique Oktoberfest tradition is the log sawing competition. Creatively represent this wonderfully wooded contest.
  • In Flight Fedoras -Take a photo wearing a fedora with a feather in it.
  • Pretzeler -Take a photo of the largest twisted pretzels you can find!
  • PROST! -Take a photo tapping another person’s glass/mug in cheers!
  • Stein Mart -Take a photo of a unique beer stein or beer mug.
  • Tastes Like Chicken -Cluck your beaks, flap your wings and shake your tail feathers. Take a photo doing the chicken dance!