UPDATE: 10 more clues have been released! Good luck!

In times like these it’s important to focus on positivity, warm memories, and your emotional well-being. Or we could scare ourselves silly for a distraction! Join us for some frightening fun in our Halfway to Halloween FREE photo scavenger hunt!

This hunt will include 20 clues in total, with ten being released each week. The hunt will end on April 30th which will be just 6 months until Halloween. Be creative, and don’t be afraid to break out your old costume box!

The “Halfway To Halloween”  hunt is free and can be done from the comfort of your home or in the nearby area! You’ll have until April 30, 2020 at 12:00 MHQ to complete all of the clues.

Use the code “SPOOKY” in the Eventzee app to join in on the fun.

This hunt is also part of Munzee’s “Global QRantine” Munzee event, so be sure to click “I’m Going!” on that event as well to earn bonus points and possibly some other surprises!

Per usual, no screenshots will be accepted and your photo will either be approved or denied by our admins. As an added bonus all photos that are approved will also be added to the gallery, so you can work on all of the Eventzee Badges as well.

You’ll also be able to earn the Veggie Vampire badge by having just one photo approved in the hunt.

Veggie Vampire- Have one photo approved in the Halfway To Halloween Eventzee photo scavenger hunt

The more photos you submit, the more badges you’ll earn for a variety of achievements. To see the Eventzee Badge List CLICK HERE.

Clue List: All 20 clues have been released! 

  1. Bark at the Moon – Is that a full moon? Or a bad case of cabin fever? Take a picture howling at the moon.
  2. Costume on a Quarter – You haven’t had time to prepare, so improvise a scary costume out of what you have lying around your home.
  3. Fangtastic – Creatively represent having really sharp teeth.
  4. Jack-O-Lantern – Pumpkins are hard to come by this time of the year, so carve into another type of fruit or vegetable and make your own jack-o-lantern.
  5. Lucky Number 13 – Take a picture of something that has the number 13 on it.
  6. Nimbus 2020 – Hop on your broomstick and fly a couple laps.
  7. Spooky Sheet – Boo! Don a blanket or sheet and haunt your home as your own ghost.
  8. Toil and Trouble – A witch’s brew is made of all kinda of creepy things, what are you cooking up in your cauldron?
  9. Trick or Treat – You choose, are you playing a trick on someone or eating a treat?
  10. Under Wraps – You’ve saved all this bathroom tissue, now what? Have a little fun and wrap yourself up like a mummy
  11. Walking in the Spiderwebs – Creatively represent getting caught in a spider’s web.
  12. LeviOsa – You’re so clever, you cast a levitation spell! What object are you making levitate?
  13. Jeepers Creepers – Somethings watching you! Take a picture of a pair of eyes.
  14. Flame – Take a picture of a lit candle.
  15. It’s Alive!! – What a shock, Dr. Frankenstein’s monster is awake. Give us your best impersonation of Frankenstein’s Monster.
  16. Scary Movie – Upload a picture of the scariest movie you’ve ever seen
  17. Good and Bad – Creatively represent an angel and a devil.
  18. Skeleton Key – Take a picture of a key
  19. I’m Melting! – You stopped the Wicked Witch of the West! All that’s left of her is a puddle. Snap a picture of the witch.
  20. Ronald McDonald – Clowns aren’t scary, are they? Show us your best interpretation of a clown.

Thanks to everyone for joining us for another stint of photo fun!


NOTE: We’re aware of issues for some players joining the hunt. If you’re using an Apple device we suggest logging out and then logging back in. Delete and reinstall the app. Also check your data setting specific to the Eventzee app.

If you’re using an Android device go to Apps, find Eventzee, and then clear cache and data. Then reload and login. You can also check to make sure your permissions are allowing Eventzee to use your phone’s data and camera.

If you are still dealing with issues please please reach out to support@munzee.com with your device model and operating system. Thank you for your patience!