We are proud to announce that a new line of badges have been released for participating in Eventzee scavenger hunts. The Party Animal badges can be won with any Eventzee scavenger hunt (both Photo and QR) and are retroactive for the past events you have participated in. Events will only count toward your total if you have been awarded points in that hunt. So in order for the event to count towards a badge you have to submit and be approved for at least one clue. This makes it fair so people can’t just join and not participate.


You can see the number of events you have participated in on your in-app profile or the Eventzee Global leaderboard.

  • The in-app profile’s “ATTENDED” number is how many events you have earned points at. This number counts towards the Party Animal badges.
  • The Global Leaderboard will also show the number of events you have earned points at. This number counts towards the Party Animal badges.

The easiest way to get these badges is to join our free weekend photo scavenger hunts which are open to anyone worldwide, but any Eventzee hunt will count toward the badges. Our Weekend Warriors free photo hunts are every weekend and completely free for anyone to play. 15 clues go live every Thursday at 3 PM CST and you have until Sunday at 3 PM CST to complete the clues.

You can also host your own Eventzee hunts by contacting us at eventzee@munzee.com and we currently have a sale on personal hunts. For $50 you can host a hunt for up to 25 people, for 24 hours with unlimited clues. To learn more email us with “EventzeeSale” in the subject line.