Watch the video above to learn how to join a weekly Eventzee photo hunt with Eventzee President Bob Vardeman.

Eventzee Weekly3

Once you download the app, go to the Eventzee calendar. Hunts start on Mondays, but the event will move days on the calendar as the week progresses. Once you find the official Eventzee event click to RSVP and you’ll automatically be entered to play.You can join a hunt at any point of the week too.

Click on the clue list and submit photos as you can. Eventzee supports live photos so images pulled from Google or photoshopped will not be approved. We’re pretty smart guys, we know what fake photos look like. Remember, new clues will be added each day of the work week and the hunts will run through Friday at 3 PM (GMT-6). New clues are added to the blog, but you can also see them in the app’s clue list.