After much deliberation we have decided to scale back our free weekly photo hunts. The reactions and commitment we have seen have been absolutely wonderful and we’re very proud of our players’ dedication. Unfortunately these free hunts take an extreme amount of time and effort to run and change is needed so we can make the most of our small staff’s time. This being said we love how much creativity these weekly hunts have created, so we want to continue them in a more simplistic way.

Starting Thursday March 19th we will transition our free weekly photo hunts into weekend hunts. 

These new hunts will run from Thursday at 3 pm (CST) until Sunday at 3 pm (CST). We will go to a much more standard hunt process where clues will be released all at once and will be various, not defined by a theme like we have been doing. We are also removing bonus points so your photo will either be approved or not and you will receive full points for that clue. The benefit here is that we are also releasing a cumulative leaderboard where you’ll be able to see how you rank overall based on every Eventzee hunt you’ve competed in.

This new leaderboard can be seen at and will showcase how many Eventzee hunts you’ve participated in, how many overall points you’ve gotten, as well your average points per hunt. This will pull from all Eventzee events too, so it encourages you to go to as many as you can, including Munzee events that include an Eventzee hunt. If you’re interested in hosting an Eventzee hunt, the points you acquire from there would also go toward the leaderboard. This is all with the intent of including new badges for achieving certain milestones- more info on that coming soon.

Although the weekend hunts will be smaller and not contain prizes for weekly winners, we will relay more information on sponsored weekly hunts in the future. These will give businesses an opportunity to market across the world and offer new and intriguing prizes for top competitors. These hunts will most likely be theme-based and encourage players to interact with the company’s product or service.

Thank you to all who have sent in photos each week, we encourage you to still have fun with our weekend hunts. We think the spirit of competition will thrive with the new leaderboard and new achievements will encourage players to join a variety of hunts. Stay tuned for more info about the sponsored hunts and badges.