We’re proud to announce that a new update for Eventzee has been released. With Version 1.2 we’ve added features to enhance your free weekly hunts as well as added new ways to host your own Eventzee hunts.

Follow your hunt progress with a new profile page that features a gallery of all the Eventzee photos you’ve taken. This gives you the opportunity to relive the hunt and share your pictures with the world. The new gallery also includes the ability to share your photos via text, email and social media. Help grow the game and show how fun Eventzee can be!

The new Quiz function enhances QR code hunts and can test the knowledge of your players. Come up with clues to a location and once players find and scan the QR code they’ll be challenged with a multiple choice question of your choosing. QR hunts can help drive traffic to specific areas and include the ability to tie to a specific Geolocation or remain hidden, The quiz function takes this type of hunt a step further and is perfect for corporate training or educational uses.


Eventzee update 1.2

Remember to join us in our free weekend photo scavenger hunts. These international photo hunts are open to anyone and give you a great taste of what Eventzee has to offer. Find an official Eventzee scavenger hunt on the calendar and RSVP. Follow the clues, submit photos for approval, and earn points. Compete each week to rise the worldwide leaderboard. Join the hunt today!

If you’re interested in hosting your own Eventzee scavenger hunt visit our website and choose the right package for you. Eventzee is ideal for trade shows, conferences and orientations. Businesses and schools can use the app to drive traffic to specific locations, promote vendors or products and increase social interactions.