We’re proud to say that just a few weeks after releasing the app we’ve already made some great new changes! The new version is live for both Android and iOS devices. The update will take time to populate worldwide, so if you do not automatically see the update check back after 24 hours and it should be live.

New Features of Eventzee 1.1 include:

  • We’ve introduced a new “Teams” function that makes it easy to join forces with those around you. Now events can be more competitive with admin created teams pitted against each other. Whose side will you join?
  • The inclusion of a “My Events” page allows you to quickly access multiple hunts. Whether you’re rising the leaderboard in the free weekly photo hunts or racing to the next clue in a private event, you can easily switch between them with this new feature.
  • You can now see leaderboards for past events, including the free weekly photo hunts. Essentially the closest thing you’ll get to time-travel.
  • Swipe left from the calendar to access my events page.
  • Minor UI changes. Changing the way you see things.
  • Various bug fixes. Exterminator style.

Eventzee 1.1