We’re proud to announce the Eventzee Version 1.4 update for Android and iOS devices is now available. Although this version of Eventzee is light on new additions, one big feature (some might say a necessity) is the ability to resubmit photos after you have already sent one to the Admin. This is something that players have been asking for since we started and we’re now happy to say you can resubmit photos without having to wait for Admin rejection.

Along with the resubmit option we have made a couple more tweaks to enhance the overall hunt experience:

    We get it, sometimes mistakes happen and sometimes you might submit the wrong photo to the wrong clue. Now instead of waiting for the Admin approvers to reject your submission you can resubmit right in the app. Simply click on the photo and re-submit as many times as needed. Be cautious though because re-submitting a photo will erase the original photos submission time. Once a photo is approved you will not be able to resubmit.
    Although players in Team Hunts have always had the ability to switch teams whenever they feel like, Admins now have the ability to choose whether or not players are able to. So if the Admin chooses to, you’re stuck with your team so choose wisely.
  • CAMERA ZOOM (iOS Users):
    Need to snap a pic from far away? Well now you can use the camera to zoom in and submit even more unique photos. This feature has been a part of the Android version for a while now, but iOS users can finally grab those hard to get photos too.
  • SLIDESHOW GALLERY (Desktop only, not in-app):
    We have also updated the desktop gallery to feature a slideshow option. Now when you look back on the photos from your hunt you can watch along easily. This new addition to the galleries is perfect for on-site photo hunts so you can see the photos as they come in. To check out this new feature visit eventzeeapp.com/gallery (or the private link we have sent you for your event), click on a photo and then press the triangle “PLAY” button in the top right corner.

Be sure to join this weekend’s free photo scavenger hunt to test out these new features. To join these hunts, just find the Weekend Warriors event on the Eventzee in-app calendar and RSVP or scan this week’s join code found on the blog. If you’re interested in hosting your own Eventzee hunt please contact eventzee@munzee.com and we’ll get you set up with the right package.