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venturingfest-logo-final-1Host: Boy Scouts of America

Event: National Venturing Event – VenturingFest

Event Breakdown and Testimonial:

The Boy Scouts of America’s Venturing program used Eventzee at the Summit Bechtel Reserve in West Virginia for our first ever National Venturing Event-Venturing Fest.

We wanted a way for our participants to be able to explore the Summit and interact with other participants and Summit staff members. A scavenger hunt was a great way for our participants to get out and explore the site as they looked for clues. We thought an electronic scavenger hunt would better meet the needs of our population, since most of our participants have smartphones and they are easy to carry around and would not get lost like a piece of paper. Our event was 6 days and our scavenger hunt lasted 5 days so we could announce the winner on the last night during our closing show.

Our participants LOVED the Eventzee Scavenger Hunt. We even had adult leaders join the fun and participate, too. This was our most popular event, with over 300 participants actively playing along. Throughout the week, countless youth and adults commented to our Venturing Fest staff about how much they loved the scavenger hunt and how much fun they were having. They equally liked the ability to explore the Summit and get to meet new people along the way, since some of our clues required participants to meet other participants and Summit staff members.

The app benefited our event in so many ways. First, it encouraged our participants to get out and explore the Summit. Many of them had never been there before, so this was a great way for them to see the different program areas. Secondly, this event encouraged interaction between our participants because they were working on clues together. This also gave our participants something to do in the evening when our program areas were closed, but, most of our participants were working on their scavenger hunt during all waking hours of the event. The scavenger hunt added another level of fun and interaction to our event, which was loved by all of our participants!

– Jessica (Ayala) Janscha | Venturing & STEM Nova Specialist @ BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA | Pilots & Program Development Department

Clue Examples:

  • Zipline – Take a photo of somebody else on the Big Zip
  • Woodbage – Take a photo with somebody wearing a Woodbadge critter patrol patch
  • State – Take a photo with a Crew from another State
  • Rain gear – Take a photo of your Crew with their rain gear on!
  • Human Knot – Have somebody take a photo of your Crew playing Human Knot
  • Biking – Hopefully, you have given this sport a shot before you take it to a HIGH extreme.
  • Advisors – Advisors are always crazy! Catch your advisor doing something goofy.

Photo Examples:

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