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Event Host/Company: PepsiCo

Event Name: PepsiCo Employee Appreciation Week Scavenger Hunt

Event Breakdown: The app was used to host a scavenger hunt for PepsiCo’s national Supply Chain Planning team to find Pepsi related things in their communities and workplaces. The admin utilized both Photo and Trivia clues that their teammates could play from anywhere in the world.

Overall Experience:

“Overall, the experience was great for all that participated. Eventzee was used by employees in locations all across the country to find clues and take pictures in their communities and cities.

Our employees loved the opportunity to participate in an event that included the entire team from our many locations. The app allowed employees to connect over fun tasks and challenges and gave the company an opportunity to connect outside of the workplace.

The use of the Eventzee app was a brand new experience for our company and added a very fun and engaging activity to our annual employee appreciation week. As so many employees work remotely, the app really gave the company a chance to virtually connect and share funny pictures and experiences.”

Clue Examples:

Photo Clues:

Rhymes- Make a Rhyme with a Pepsi Product and take a picture of it!

Vintage Pepsi – Take a picture of a vintage Pepsi product or advertisement.

Classic Car Pepsi – Pic of a Pepsi product with a classic car.

Trivia Clues:

Celebrity Worker – Which famous celebrity worked for Pepsi in Tupelo MS?

Pepsi Comic – Pepsi had a comic strip in the newspapers in 1939 called…..?

Whats in a name? – The name changed to Pepsi-Cola in 1903. What was the original name?

Photo Examples: