In “Eventzee Exposure” we look at testimonials from happy clients who have hosted their own Scavenger Hunts. Our users’ experience is very important to us, so when things go off without a hitch we want to cheer about it. If you’d be interested in sharing your Eventzee experience please reach out to!

Host: CommSoftCommSoft-transparent 150x75

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Event Breakdown:
CommSoft, a software company in Northeast NY, utilized the Eventzee program for a Scavenger Hunt as part of their yearly Users’ Conference. CommSoft has users from all over the country and once a year they host a 3 day conference filled with classes, networking and extracurricular events. One such evening event was an Eventzee Scavenger Hunt in Boulder, Colorado which included the establishments on and near the Pearl Street Marketplace. They had 14 teams comprised of CommSoft personnel and conference attendees as well as a “command center” back at the conference hotel where they approved photos and had the leaderboard posted.

“Having the Eventzee software for both our participants and for me as the admin back at the command center was essential to the success of this event.  Both the app and admin portal were easy to configure and utilize. I only had limited time to get my CommSoft personnel up to speed on using the app due to our scheduling (approximately an hour…) and they picked it up immediately. The folks who stayed back at the command center loved watching the pictures coming in and tracking the action via the leaderboard.

We ran a scavenger hunt at a previous conference but did it all “by hand”.  We handed out paper lists of the hunt items and had the teams text the photos to one person at the command center as they went along.  The pictures arrived in a crazy frenzy and we had no good way to go through them and segment them by team etc.  In the end we were really unable to track it was a mess.  Using Eventzee was like night and day from our previous experience.  It made it so easy to track that I actually had time to enjoy the photos as they were coming in rather than just trying to track them.  And it made it so much easier to tally the results as it was all within the system itself.  No need to keep track of points manually.  Finally, it gave us more of a “high tech” look than handing out a bunch of papers and pens.  We are a software company too after all. The Eventzee team was so easy to work with from start to finish and even including the evening of our event.  They were there for us if we needed them (though we didn’t) which was a great comfort.”

Laura Knussman, Manager of Marketing and Product Management, CommSoft

Photo Clue Examples:

  • Tunnel Vision- Find another team and form a “high five tunnel” with a passerby (not a conference attendee) running down the middle. 
  • Masonry- Take a photo of a lineup of mason jars filled with elixirs. 
  • Cyclical- Find the sign made from a major bicycle part. 
  • All I Got Was This T-Shirt- Find three people wearing t-shirts with city names on them but they are all different cities 
  • Full House- Take a photo of your entire team playing poker.
  • Ballin’ – Photo of a Ball of Twine bigger than a basketball.

Photo Examples:

About CommSoft:
For 30 years CommSoft has been an industry-leading software development organization. Their end-to-end billing and OSS software suite can cover a myriad of voice, video, data, and wireless services from a common platform. They have served over 50 communication companies by providing integrated and automated telecom software solutions. Among their strengths is an open architecture and expansive library that can integrate seamlessly with other business services and network infrastructures.

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