We have released a new, albeit small, update to the Eventzee app. This new version sees a few minor changes along with one fairly substantial removal.

-The Calendar page has been removed from the app for the time being. The free hunts will continue via text Join Codes found on our social media pages and marketing emails. This is to declutter the initial experience of the app- specifically for new users at private events. There are plans to add in a reformed version of this page in the future, but for now players will have to join the hunts via public codes.

-With the removal of the calendar we have added an “Exit” button to event page on iOS. Exiting an event will take the player to the My Events page now. This replaces the previous way of exiting an event by clicking the date of the hunt.

-The “Message” icon has been added to the clue list, leaderboard and map pages. This is to ensure players can easily find and message event admins.

-A link to the event photo gallery is now available in the app’s leaderboard. Now you can see some of the photos other players have submitted and had approved.

-Minor bug fixes.