At Eventzee, we’re always working to make sure your event is exactly what you need, no matter what niche, market, or type of event you’re planning. We’re proud to offer three different types of Eventzee platforms to meet your needs!

Single Scavenger Hunt App Event

At the most basic level, a single event is perfect for any one-off occasion. If your city is having a special festival, your charity or school is having a fundraiser, or you’re just looking for a fun way to spruce up your next event, a single event option could be perfect for you. 

Single events from Eventzee are easy-to-build, include custom branding options, and unlimited challenges within the event. These events are priced with a per-person licensing model, with very affordable options for both big and small events.

three different phones show images of people using the eventzee scavenger hunt app

Annual License

The annual license option is perfect for organizations who are looking to host multiple events throughout the year with various numbers of players, all for one upfront fee. 

East Stroudsburg University, located in northeast Pennsylvania, is utilizing an annual license with Eventzee to host multiple events for its students and staff throughout the school year. With the extended license, they have freedom and flexibility to create a multitude of events that keeps their students excited to see what comes next.

“Having an annual license on Eventzee’s scavenger hunt app platform is the perfect way to keep our students engaged with ongoing events throughout the year,” said Joseph Akob, Executive Director of ESU’s Student Activity Association. “We started this school year with a scavenger hunt that helped introduce new students to all of the university’s departments and offerings, and we can’t wait to start executing our next event!”

White Label

From the app interface to the download page in the app store, white label apps are fully customized versions of the Eventzee app that represents your brand to the fullest potential. Include colors, logos, images, and other aspects of brand identity through the entire app experience.

For a small development fee, our game developers take your requirements to build the game from scratch that you’ve always dreamed of having for your customers.

The town of Jupiter, Florida, recently worked with the Eventzee scavenger hunt app developers to create their white label app, Passport to Jupiter. Players, composed of both visitors and locals of the Jupiter area, are able to download the Passport to Jupiter app from either app store to access the free, ongoing event. Custom challenges within the app awarded points which could be used to earn a free Jupiter prize pack. 

“Eventzee’s white label program was the perfect solution to what the Town of Jupiter was looking for in a digital platform,” said Shawn Reed, Community Relations Manager/PIO for the Town. “Eventzee was able to take our vision of the app and put it into a platform that was easy to use while maintaining the look and feel of our program.”

If you’re interested in any of our options, or if you have questions about which option might be best for your upcoming event, be sure to contact our team at or call us at 714-210-3850 x15.