Join our Premium Eventzee Scavenger Hunt!

Since we began our free weekend photo scavenger hunts, our staff has dedicated countless hours toward setting up and running these hunts every weekend. What initially started off as a way to interest new clients into hosting their own scavenger hunts with Eventzee has turned into something much larger. Each weekend we have hundreds of players from across the world submit thousands of photos we approve by hand- all for free.

That being said, we are excited to announce our new Premium Eventzee Photo Scavenger Hunts! Our free weekend photo hunts will continue per usual as well, but special themed hunts will be based around this premium model for the foreseeable future. For a minimal $5 fee players will get exclusive access to a themed photo scavenger hunt, a unique badge created for that hunt and a chance to win prizes from sponsors.

To kick things off we are hosting a Pre-Paddy’s Day Premium Hunt from Monday March 14 to Thursday March 17. Since this is an exclusive hunt you must sign up with payment by Sunday at 11:59 PM CST via the Munzee Inc. store.

To participate go to the following link:

Once you have paid be sure to input your Eventzee/Munzee username so you can be manually added to the exclusive hunt.

To coincide with St. Patrick’s Day the themed hunt will feature clues based around leprechauns, Irish heritage and, of course, lots of green. The top three winners for this hunt will have their choice between one of three different Munzee Inc. prize packs. The catch though is that 1st Place Winner will get first choice, Second will choose next, etc.

The prize packs are as follows:

  • Munzee Prize Pack- $50 Value
    • Munzee shirt
    • Munzee hat
    • Physical Shamrock stickers
  • Wallabee Prize Pack- $50 Value
    • 100k Honeycombs
    • WallaBee T-Shirt
    • UPDATE: 200 locks
  • Eventzee Prize Pack – $50 Value
    • Eventzee Shirt
    • Personal Scavenger Hunt up to 25 people
    • Eventzee stickers

Just for paying the $5 fee you’ll also receive this exclusive Leprechaun Photo Booth badge in celebration of Paddy’s and Photos!