We’re proud to announce that we have extended our Curator Gallery badge line for having your photos added to the gallery in an official Eventzee photo scavenger hunt. The Curator line was created with the intent of awarding creativity and uniqueness in photo submissions. We see so many great photos come in from players who take the time and effort to create their photos in fun and unique ways and they deserve to be awarded.

As you may imagine these badges are subjective to the admin at that time and what one person thinks is creative can differ from another admin, but the intent is to encourage players to get creative with their submissions.

The following are basic rules regarding how a photo can be added to the gallery:

  • A photo deemed unique and creative in regards to the clue. Whether that means they took the time to create a over-the-top situation or happened upon a unique subject for their photo, an admin saw their submission and thought it was gallery worthy.
  • Quality photos. We really want the galleries to represent the best of the best and that includes the quality of the image you send us. That does not mean players with better phones will have an advantage, it means we are looking for non-blurry, in-focus images.
  • Originality. Although we encourage people to play with friends we discourage players from all submitting the same photos. So if a gallery-worthy image is uploaded and it is followed by more mimic photos only the first to come in will be added to the gallery. Be original when playing with multiple people.
  • Anonymity: Remember that photo approval is anonymous so we won’t know who you are or how many photos you have had added to the gallery. This is completely unbiased and focuses solely on creativity and uniqueness.
  • Have fun with it. The key to creativity and enjoying Eventzee in general is having fun. If you’re having fun with your photo submissions, there’s a good chance that will show in your submission.
  • NO SCREENSHOTS. As always no screenshots will be approved or added to the gallery unless the clues asks for it e.g. #ThrowBackThursday.

The best way to achieve these badges is to join the free Weekend Photo Scavenger Hunts hosted by Eventzee each weekend. These worldwide hunts run from Thursdays to Sundays with clues going live at 3 PM MHQ time. Your photo will be either approved or rejected and you will earn points based on your submissions.

To join these hunts just find the Weekend Warriors event on the Eventzee in-app calendar and RSVP. If you’re interested in hosting your own Eventzee hunt please contact eventzee@munzee.com and we’ll get you set up with the right package!