As we look to plan our 2022 events, there’s no doubt that the structure of events has changed – no matter what industry you’re in. Living in a COVID world has shaped the way we think about the events we host, what kind of activities we include, and how our attendees will be receptive to the event as a whole. Be prepared for any situation by hosting a hybrid event using Eventzee!

We’re always looking for ways to stay ahead of the game when it comes to helping our clients create one-of-a-kind event experiences, no matter the circumstances. Below are some ideas to consider for your next hybrid event!

Give Attendees the Option to Stay Home

Traveling can be difficult during the pandemic, especially when it comes to gatherings of large groups of people. Creating a hybrid event structure that’s easy to use for all participants is the perfect way to make sure you can proceed with your event as scheduled, even though it might not be how you originally planned it.

An Eventzee scavenger hunt is a great tool for creating an environment that is easy for at-home participants. They can simply download the Eventzee app and enter their specific event code, which allows them instant access. 

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bluegrass recently hosted a hybrid fundraising event with the Eventzee scavenger hunt app, where different sets of questions were offered to the at-home participants and the in-person attendees. By making it easy to have an option (virtual or in-person) on how to join, they were able to increase their overall participation.

Engage At-Home Participants

Simply hosting a webinar won’t suffice in 2022. People are inundated with virtual meetings throughout every work day, which could make participation in virtual events decrease significantly as people are sidetracked with emails, calls, and tasks. 

Engage attendees of virtual events by utilizing a scavenger hunt app, where participants can have fun with trivia, chat with other participants, and work for points to earn prizes by performing a variety of tasks and challenges.

Save Money, Time, and Energy

Does the in-person portion of your event include a paper passport that attendees can get signed to win prizes? With the Eventzee scavenger hunt app, you can save time and money by skipping the print and utilizing a virtual option instead. Attendees can simply scan QR codes or submit trivia answers and pictures to display their engagement. Each QR code scanned earns the participant a digital “badge” which functions as a digital passport stamp

This past summer, Champaign, Illinois, used the Eventzee scavenger hunt app to increase their tourism in their downtown area. In the past, they utilized paper passports but found that of all the passports they handed out, only a small percentage were completed and returned. By introducing Eventzee, they were able to change up the structure of the event, offered a variety of challenges, and overall saw a huge increase in participation.

Easily Collect Marketing Materials on the Scavenger Hunt App

Eventzee has 7 different challenge types for scavenger hunt app events. One of our favorite challenge types is the image challenge, where event hosts can prompt participants to take specific photos, whether that be in specific locations throughout a given area, or completing specific actions! With event attendees permissions, these photos make great marketing pieces for company culture, social media or future events!

Not sure where to start when it comes to planning your hybrid or virtual event? We’re here to help! For more information and to get in touch, contact Craig Holland,