Scavenger Hunts

Bring the fun back to events and conferences

Encourage extra engagement at your next conference or event by using the Eventzee scavenger hunt app. Easily engage conference attendees, and make your brand stand out among other booths and offered services!

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Increase Attendee Engagement

Drive Booth Traffic

Encourage interaction and collaboration, and present an opportunity for attendees to meet and engage with each other and your booth staff, fostering networking and relationship-building.

Level Up Gamification

Turn the engagement process into a game, adding an element of fun and competition! Attendees will want to complete the challenges and will spend more time at your booth.

Capture Contact Info

Enable contact info capture at conferences through the interactive scavenger hunt app platform. Attendees easily submit details to participate, which allows organizers to collect valuable data for networking and follow-up.

A Rewarding Experience

Whether you have 50 people attending or 5,000, our feature-filled and conference friendly app will have your attendees jumping for joy and hoping the fun never ends. Get attendees moving and interacting like never before!

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