Scavenger Hunts

Gain positive reactions from attendee Interactions

Add some spice to your next event, turn up the heat with an Eventzee Scavenger Hunt and let the fun begin! In fact, hold a virtual event if you can’t get the team together in person. Give attendees a time to remember and encourage them to embrace interactions between fellow conference goers and sponsors alike.

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Have conference attendees work together and interact with one another throughout the conference.


Test attendees’ knowledge on presenters and keynotes with quizzes and extended readings.


Encourage attendees to interact with vendor booths and sponsors to learn more about their products.

If You Build It, They Will Come

Whether you have 50 people attending or 5,000, our feature-filled and conference friendly app will have your attendees jumping for joy and hoping the fun never ends. Get attendees moving and interacting like never before!

Team using the Eventzee Scavenger Hunt App completes a task to get a drink of water from a water station
Hydration Station – Grab a quick drink from the water cooler with your team.
Association for Talent Development Dallas used Eventzee Scavenger Hunt app custom badges to encourage attendee activity

The Association for Talent Development Dallas Conference used
custom badges to encourage attendee activity.

A Rewarding Experience

Encourage attendees to join in on the fun with in-app rewards. Design achievement badges for completing specific groups of tasks that can double as coupon codes for conference prizes. Get creative and work with Eventzee’s designers for awesome custom artwork.

Give Them Something To Talk About

Are your sponsors tired of attendees just grabbing free schwag and sneaking away? Drive traffic to vendor booths and encourage conference attendees to interact with your sponsors by making them stops on your scavenger hunt!

Various Vendor Booths Getting in on the fun at IPadPalooza Education Conference