Scavenger Hunts

Having Fun is a Team sport

Make the most of your group event by utilizing Eventzee’s state of the art Team functions. Make your scavenger hunt inclusive by featuring a variety of activities, so everyone has fun and participates to help their team rise to the top! Eventzee’s team function is easy to customize, ideal for communication, and most of all fun for everyone!

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Energetic Engagement For All

Join The Fun

Admins can set specific team requirements for each challenge. You can let players create their own teams or manage them yourself. Some challenges may require everyone on the team to participate, some may require only part of the team, and some can be individual. Choose the best fit for each challenge!

Custom Community

Team managers can set up descriptions and custom logos to show off their team’s colors. Using the team management hub within the app makes it easy to add players, accept invites, and promote teammates as well.

Cheerful Chat

Eventzee’s numerous social features make it easier than ever to communicate with your team. Chat with your team privately, see what the competition is up to on the feed, and watch real-time results on the leaderboard.

There’s No “I” In “Team

Setting up a Team Event on Eventzee is a bit more of an advanced feature, but follow our instructions and you’ll have it set up in no time! When creating your Event you can set the minimum and maximum number of players a team must have. You can also enable public team management, which allows players to create and manage their own teams. As an admin you will still be able to edit player-created teams, and other features as necessary.

Learn more about setting up a Team Event HERE.
Learn more about playing a Team Event HERE.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

There are a number of benefits to hosting an event using Eventzee’s team functions. Team building helps increase employee interaction, which can nurture a successful culture within your organization. When players work together it creates momentum and increases confidence in not just the team, but individual spirits as well.

Eventzee’s team features are inclusive, and will get the whole group involved from start to finish. Players can complete individual challenges to reinforce accountability, encourage self-management by splitting up to cover the most ground, and more.

What The Top Team Has To Say…

Utilizing Eventzee’s Team functions and white label program, Barnes Harley Davidson launched the exclusive Squad Wars: Coast To Coast app. This exciting, multiplayer, motorcycle riding experience has riders driving to landmarks and businesses throughout North America. Players form a Squad of four to six riding buddies and complete challenges by riding motorcycles together to new destinations, or by splitting up to cover the most ground.

“We’ve been looking forward to launching Squad Wars since the day we started working with the Eventzee team,” said Kiran Rancourt, Marketing Manager for Barnes Harley-Davidson. “We’re thrilled to offer motorcycle riders an opportunity to have activities they can enjoy with others who share their passion for riding.”