Event Packages

Eventzee provides a variety of event packages that best suit your personal or organizations needs.

Package Pricing

Please contact us for current pricing information. We would love to custom tailor a package for you.

All Packages Include:

Controlling Your Event

Roll up your sleeves and jump right in or sit back, relax, and let the fun happen. Whether you want to run your event manually or set it on auto-pilot, we’ve got you covered!

Challenge Accepted!

Photo, QR Code, GPS, and our To Do challenges give you the power to create a customized event that fits your personal or organization’s specific needs.

Admin Dashboard

Setup, control, and monitor your event in person or remotely through our Admin Dashboard. You can also access the admin panel directly from within the mobile app, if you’re an admin. Need a little extra help for your event? No problem, multiple admins can be set up if needed.

Be The Brand

Add your organization’s logo or branding to let everyone know who’s supplying all of the fun.

Badges & Rewards

Create a custom line of achievement badges to entice participants or display custom rewards/coupons to help drive traffic to your business. The possibilities are endless.

Your Event, Your Photos

Photos and videos can easily be shared to social media during your event; download them afterward for use on your org’s website, social media, or newsletter.

Slideshow Photo Slideshow

Easily display photos from your event on a TV, computer monitor, or projector with the Admin Tool’s built in photo slideshow function.

Eventzee Leaderboard

With our real-time leaderboard, you’ll know at all times who’s in first place, last place, and everywhere in-between.

Team Events

Assemble your team and get ready to compete. Our team events are perfect for getting the competitive juices flowing.

Event Partnership Program

Do you run your own event planning company and want to incorporate mobile scavenger hunts? Eventzee is proud to work in partnership with qualified companies based on a per player charge.