On March 2, 1836, the settlers of Texas adopted the Texas Declaration of Independence and officially separated from Mexico to form the Republic of Texas. Though the republic itself was around for less than 10 years, the fight for independence is still celebrated to this day. In honor of Texas Independence Day, EHQ is paying tribute to our state’s history with this week’s “The Lone Star State” Public Photo hunt.

Each player will receive one opportunity to submit each picture. All pictures will be approved and scored by how accurately the submission reflects the clue. If picture is completely wrong it will receive zero points. Bonus points available for unique and creative photos.


We’re also introducing the team feature to this week’s hunt. Players can join Team Revolution or Team Lone Star and compete against each other. Players can change teams at any time.

This contest will end Friday at 2pm CST, new clues will be released daily and you have all week to complete them. Clues will only be approved several times daily.


  1. Find Reinforcements – Group selfie with 10 total people.
  2. White Bandanna – Wear a hat with a white bandanna tied around it.
  3. Take This – Fly the Gonzales Flag.
  4. Lone Star – All by itself, just one.
  5. YeeHaw – Replicate the State Sport of Texas the best way you can.