Eventzee Exposure: ATD Southwest Learning Summit

Eventzee Exposure: ATD Southwest Learning Summit

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ATD Dallas LogoHost: Association For Talent Development- Dallas Chapter

Location: Plano, TX

Event Breakdown:
Eventzee partnered with the Dallas Chapter of ATD to create an engaging experience for the attendees of the Southwest Learning Summit. Combining features from both Photo and QR Code Scavenger hunts ATD used Eventzee to test learning comprehension and encourage networking among the attendees. Photo clues were used to create a fun environment for randomly assigned teams throughout the day. QR Codes were placed outside of each presentation and when players scanned it they were quizzed on the lecture they just watched.

Photo Clue Examples:

  • Team Photo- Find as many of your team members as you can at breakfast and take a picture.
  • Friendly Competition – Introduce yourself to opposing team members at breakfast and take a picture with at least one.
  • Perfect Presentation- After your first presentation is complete, take a picture next to the presentation poster outside of the conference room.
  • Vibrant Vendors – Take a picture with a vendor at their booth!
  • Full House – Take a picture of the room full of attendees AFTER your first afternoon session is concluded.
  • Buddy System – Take a picture with a team member during a break.

QR Code Quiz Examples:

Dr. Lana Petru Quiz- Scan the code and answer this question after Petru’s presentation “The Business Case for Emotional Intelligence”

  • Quiz Question:
    • Dr. Lane Petru posits that _________ is the single biggest predictor of performance in the workplace.
      • Assumed Responsibility
      • Higher Education
      • Corporate Experience
      • Emotional Intelligence- CORRECT

Dr. Patti Phillips Quiz- Scan the code and answer this question after Dr. Phillips’ presentation “How to Measure the Success of Learning and Development”

  • Quiz Question:  
    • How many levels are involved in outcome evaluation?
      • 15
      • 10 
      • 5- CORRECT

Photo Examples: 

About ATD- Dallas Chapter:
ATD Dallas is the local chapter of the international ATD professional association. ATD is the world leading organization focused on the promotion and advancement of workplace learning and performance.

To learn more about ATD Dallas go to: