“Spring Break!” Public Photo Hunt: Clues 1-5

“Spring Break!” Public Photo Hunt: Clues 1-5

For those in the Northern Hemisphere, you deserve a break from school and can either get away from the cold and enjoy some warm weather or enjoy the snow one last time before it melts away. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, you just started school recently. No breaks just yet.

This week, all clues will be worth 20 points. If a photo submission doesn’t match it’s clue, it will be rejected and you will have another chance to submit. Bonus points may be applied at a maximum of 5 (i.e. you have the opportunity to receive 1-5 extra points per submission).

This event will run 11AM CST Monday through 2PM CST Friday. 5 clues added everyday. Remember, have fun!

Day 1 – Travel Plans:

  1. Airplane – Fly the Eventzee Skies! Flat Bob is your captain
  2. Bus – The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round.
  3. RV – Must be a motorized one, not a towing one.
  4. Car – Must contain at least one suitcase.
  5. Train – Choo Choo goes the Eventzee Train!
  6. Bonus Clue: Watch With An Apple On It – Yes, Scott is a fanboy. No, he said we can’t leave this one out.