“Spring Break!” Public Photo Hunt: Clues 17-21

“Spring Break!” Public Photo Hunt: Clues 17-21

Sometimes, vacations aren’t worth all of the hassle. Staycations can be just as much, if not more, fun than a traditional vacation. Being lazy can be the best relaxer there is.

Remember, this week, all clues will be worth 20 points. If a photo submission doesn’t match it’s clue, it will be rejected and you will have another chance to submit. Bonus points may be applied at a maximum of 5 (i.e. you have the opportunity to receive 1-5 extra points per submission).

This event will run 11AM CST Monday through 2PM CST Friday. 5 clues added everyday. Have fun!


  1. Order Pizza – Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough.
  2. Relaxing in Your Backyard: Keep it G rated. Don’t want the neighbors asking questions.
  3. Watching Netflix/Hulu/Online Streaming – Catch up on some old episodes of Breaking Bad.
  4. Reading – Find that book you have been waiting months to read.
  5. Napping – The best part! ZzzZzZzZZZzzZzz…